Loran & Simon

I don’t think there’s anything more ‘feel good’ than a couple doing a wedding their way. Today’s bride and groom, Loran and Simon, skipped multiple traditions (such as cake cutting, the first dance and being walked down the aisle) simply because it didn’t feel like ‘them’. Instead, they focussed on injecting meaning into their day through choosing music, styling features and locations that were sentimental to them. And the botanical-inspired city wedding they arrived at? It was absolutely perfect for them.

Kyra Boyer was the master behind the imagery of today’s stunning wedding, which was held at the iconic and botanical Glasshaus Inside in Melbourne.

So how does Loran and Simon’s story begin? After meeting in 2013, they had their first date at the Corner Hotel in Richmond. The conversation flowed, and they bonded over their Dutch heritage and love of trivia.

When it came time to propose, Simon chose King’s Domain for the location as that’s where the couple had been on one of their early dates. Loran says, “I was distracted by a cute little kookaburra and when I turned around, Simon was on one knee. I found out just before we got married that he’d opened an account to save for an engagement ring after our seventh date ‘just in case it worked out’!”

On her wedding day, Loran wore a couture dress by Luci Di Bella. “It ended up being more traditional than what I’d envisioned myself in,” she says. “But after visiting quite a few boutiques I came across Luci di Bella and completely put my trust in her. I knew she would make something that suited my personality and my shape. Plus, she had the most beautiful Italian lace that I fell in love with!”

The couple chose to have a first look, which was one of their favourite moments of the day. Simon reveals, “My favourite memory was seeing Loran in her dress for the first time. There was such a build up to the wedding and I was really nervous but I felt calm, happy and excited when I saw her. See looked truly wonderful. And it made it seem like it was really about to happen. The first look was also the longest that we probably spent alone on the whole day so I really liked it.”

Remembering loved one who couldn’t be at the wedding was an important element of the day. Photos of Loran and Simon’s grandparents were placed on the signing table at their venue, and they were mentioned in the wedding ceremony.

Loran and Simon chose Glasshaus Inside as their ceremony and reception venue. “We loved being surrounded by all the greenery and it had the relaxed vibe we wanted,” says Loran. “As well, it was only 300 metres or so from where we first met, and right in the area that we had many of our early dates, so the location is special to us.”

The couple enjoyed working with the Glasshaus team, relying on them for planning and coordination of the day. “The minute we were put in touch with Ainsley at Glasshaus, so many of our worries melted away. She is super friendly and completely on top of everything — even things that didn’t occur to us!”

Loran also entrusted the flowers to Glasshaus florist, Shahn. “I wanted something that was a little bit different, not too over the top, and that went with what the wedding party was wearing without blending in too much,” says Loran. “In the end, I chatted to the amazing Glasshaus florist, Shahn, sent some photos of what I liked and pretty much left her to it. I was so happy with what she put together, and loved that the bouquets had cotton in them!”

Walking into the venue was another favourite moment for the bride and groom, who loved seeing their guests’ smiling faces. They walked down the aisle together to ‘First Day of My Life’ by Bright Eyes. On the decision to walk down the aisle as a couple, Loran says, “We were already living our lives together, so it felt right.”

A relaxed and inclusive ceremony was important to the bride and groom. “It wasn’t just about us, but also about the people who shared the day with us.” Celebrant Kate officiated the ceremony and received rave reviews from Loran and Simon, as well as their guests (who gave the couple so much positive feedback about Kate and the ceremony itself).

Behind the camera on the day was Kyra Boyer, along with a second photographer, Laura. “We chose Kyra because her photos had the exact look we were after — natural documentary-style photos with great colour. We are SO happy with our photos; I never thought we could look so natural in photos! Kyra and Laura were both brilliant on the day too, and near invisible at times. We were so surprised and happy with all the moments they managed to capture! We especially love the photos of us outside the Corner Hotel, both because it was where we met and because Kyra captured such brilliant photos there,” says Loran.

A dream team of vendors brought the wedding together, including caterer Fourside Events. “They were amazing,” says Loran. “They put together a delicious, varied vegetarian menu with no hassles and were so lovely on the night — even making sure Simon and I had eaten. Katie was an absolute pleasure to deal with the whole way through.”

Another highlight of the night was the couple’s DJ, Andrew McClelland. “We’ve had such great times seeing him DJ at Finishing School in the past, and knew he’d make for a super fun party — which he did! His playlist is also so diverse that it appeals to just about anyone, and we wanted everyone to have a good time.” Loran and Simon also made sure that all songs played throughout their day meant something to them as a couple.

Their advice for future marrieds? Find vendors you can trust. “When you can trust your vendors, it will make your life so much easier. They’ve got this!”

They also recommend pausing and taking in each other, your guests and all the special moments on the day.

A huge congratulations to the gorgeous bride and groom, and thank you for sharing your wedding with us today! Thank you also to the talented Kyra Boyer for your spectacular images.