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A destination wedding conjures up many images in the imagination. Most of them exotic, intriguing and romantic. In reality, planning a destination wedding is often where many couples come back down to earth with a thud. ‘How is this going to work!? Shall we just elope?’.

This is where an experienced planner can turn your dreams of a perfect destination wedding into reality. Whether it’s an intimate elopement on a private island or a once in a lifetime celebration with 150 of your nearest and dearest at MONA, having a person on the ground taking care of all the details can be the best investment you can make.

And here are three of the many reasons why!

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A great planner will get to know each couple intimately; their tastes, their likes (and dislikes!) and the little things that are unique to them that can be incorporated into their wedding day. Each event can then be treated as a one-off, as it should be. A wedding planner will not only plan weddings but also style and coordinate for the couple, personally executing the whole event inclusive of flowers, stationery and custom lighting.

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Image via Fiona Vail Photography

Your Tassie planner will have wonderful working relationships with other wedding vendors, saving you time and risk! They will help team you up with people they trust like a friend and who they know will take good care of you. They will have the motto – “If we wouldn’t consider booking a vendor or venue for our own wedding, we won’t recommend that you do!”

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You could turn to Google and try your luck, or, you could make a single call and benefit from the planner’s local knowledge of not only the best vendors to work with, but also some hidden gems that are not so easily found. But I promise, a great planner will beat Google every time!

Working with local vendors not only saves you on travel costs but often results in you being surrounded by a team of people who often work together and have a shared enthusiasm in creating a relaxed environment and truly memorable day for you and your guests.

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Experienced wedding planners have formed close relationships with unique privately owned properties that give them the freedom to create individual and memorable events for their couples, outside the typical “function centre” aesthetic. As Tasmanians, we’re very proud of our state and we take pride in maintaining and building its reputation for quality and personalised service

It’s ultimately about peace of mind. Having a planner on your side to take care of all the details, big and small, means all you have to do is show up and enjoy the kind of incredible destination wedding that got you excited by the idea in the first place.

Ms Zebra Says: There’s nothing better than insider knowledge and no bride needs extra stress on their wedding day! Thanks Bek for providing your own insider tips on finding the right type of people to be a part of your wedding tribe! 

About Bek Burrows: Bek loves weddings. (These couples can tell you just how much) With her small yet dynamic team and husband Paul, her partner in all things – Bek creates authentic and individual weddings across Tasmania. If you are thinking of running away with your lover to tie the knot in Tassie – pop over to our Elope Tasmania site and have a look what we can create for you. Bek believes any two people in love have the right to be married and whole heartedly supports marriage equality, love is love.