Natasha & Hudson’s Relaxed Mount Gravatt Engagement Photos

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Natasha & Hudson

Engagement sessions? They don’t have to be all fancy friends, in fact, they can be in your favourite local spot, with a photographer in tow and a good mood on the horizon.

It’s this that Natasha and Hudson chose to commemorate their next big step, enlisting About Time Co to join them and the result? Photographs that capture exactly who they are and their love for one another. I’d call that just about bliss wouldn’t you?

These two met seven years ago through a mutual friend – they became instant best friends and it was while volunteering together that Hudson finally dropped to one knee. The bride to be sharing the story “We were volunteering at Schoolies week for Red Frogs last year, and at the end of the week Hudson planned a sunrise picnic on the beach (on our one year anniversary). At the early hours of 4:30 am when the sun started to rise, he asked me to marry him and I said yes!”

“I love Hudson’s ability to be patient and how it’s so in his nature to seek to understand others” shares Natasha. “It’s so inspiring and beautiful. I also love how he lights up a room with his positivity and also gives anyone the room the opportunity to open up to him about absolutely anything. Apart from being an amazing fiancé, he’s actually such a great friend! I love his heart.”

On what he loves about his future wife, Hudson tells “I absolutely love Natasha’s ability to make anyone and everyone feel special and loved. She’s the kindest and caring person I have ever met in my whole life. She lives and breathes love, for all people and creatures (except lizards, she still loves them but from a distance), and her innocence and open mind means she can find brightness in others no matter what situation.”

Laughter is a hallmark of their relationship, tells Natasha “When I told Hudson I had feelings for him (yes I made the first move), he asked me if I was in love with him and I panicked and said “a little bit”. It was so awkward but funny at the same time, we both just laughed (mainly at me) but it’s one of our funniest (you had to be there) moments. In saying that, something new and hilarious happens every day without fail. We have a very funny and entertaining relationship!”


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