Sarah & Ryan

We just need to cram every last ounce of Tasmanian inspiration in this month, and really could there be anything more appropriate to end our celebration of the Apple Isle than with an orchard full of apples? Kristy L Photography spent a day at Spreyton Cider Orchards, with Sarah and Rayn to capture an engagement story that is quintessentially Tasmanian!

It was the most gorgeous of ways to celebrate these two high school sweethearts who began their relationship with a solid friendship. Sarah fills us in “We met in high school, in year seven on the first day, we were friends for a long time and then in year nine we became a couple.”

For these two Tassie lovers, it makes sense that the groom popped the question in a sweet Tassie spot! “It was a week before my birthday) and Ryan was taking me away for a surprise” explains Sarah. “We ended up staying in a gorgeous little cabin in Tinderbox (opposite Bruny Island) the cabin had a spa bath down a long flight of stairs overlooking the bay. Ryan and I walked down there, and Ryan said he was going up to grab us some drinks. He was taking a long time so I went up to see what he was doing. He met me at the door and I said I had decided to go for a swim so I walked into the bedroom with Ryan trailing behind. On the bed Ryan had written in red rose petals “will you marry me” at first I didn’t read what it said and I thought they had just been spread across the bed so I said “oh that’s cute” a few moments later I realised what it actually wrote. I turned to him and saw him on one knee. Next moment he slurred our “will you marry me” and I said yes!”

“I love how caring and honest Ryan is” tells Sarah of her future husband. “He treats me like a princess, and I love how he shows me how much he loves me through the way he treats me and the things he does for me.”

On his love for Sarah, Ryan shares “I love how real Sarah is. I love that she has such a bubbly personality and that she just loves to laugh all the time. The room’s never dull when Sarah’s around!”