We know the classic white solitaire look isn’t for everyone, so today, we wanted to inspire you, to dare you to dream a little differently, by introducing you to Melbourne jeweller Aurelia Yeomans.

Housed at the labyrinth of beauty that is e.g.etal, Aurelie, who has trained around the world, works to showcase the connection between ourselves, our energy frequencies and mother nature.

Her “Crystallised” collection is reminiscent of the wild and barren landscapes of Iceland. The designer exploring the country prior to designing the collection and drawing off the facets, the beauty of the landscape, as she created the pieces.

She shares “My work is informed by metamorphosis and phenomena in nature. I’m fascinated that we as humans are all directly connected to it on an atomic level, in a sort of biological and energetic symbiosis,”

Each piece, using a hexagon as the foundation, and Aurelie’s own self-developed process with enamel creates its own unique voice. There are sparkling white hexagon earrings, beautiful earrings of salt and pepper and black diamonds, icy blue topaz stones, grey spinels and beautiful sapphires. The stunning pieces, especially the engagement rings, completely standing as pieces of art in their own right.

“I often contemplate how different energy frequencies impact on water, plants and animals” she tells. “Simultaneously, I’m fascinated by how we are impacting on each other and the environment around us through the energy that we emit. These molecules are all just interacting with each other.”

The new collection is now available at e.g.etal.