Charlotte & Will

Throughout The Green Issue, we’ve been sharing all kinds of weddings that acknowledge their impact on the environment. Today for Charlotte and Will, it was all about the thoughtful details. Locally sourced blooms, no floral foam, the decor was borrowed and hire, and the favours? A charitable donation.

All you need to add then is an amazing setup of beautiful details (a nod to Biophilia Blooms for that one), a country venue with plenty of stunning backdrops (thanks to The Woods Farm).

Captured by Eliza Jade Photography, it was a beautiful day, that honoured not only the happy couple (who met, on an Oxford Street dance floor) but also acknowledges the environment. And that? That’s a story worth sharing.

Charlotte remembers the morning of the day as one of her favourite times. “My amazing husband got friends and family members to deliver me gifts every hour leading up to the ceremony. Starting with a coffee with love notes written on it, all the way to jewellery that I ended up wearing on the day. It was extremely special and unexpected. ”

“It has always been my dream to have a white princess wedding dress. I like it because of the modern take, with a low v front and back.”

It was important to Charlotte and Will that their day be eco conscious, floral designer Biophilia Blooms using the only locally sourced blooms and no floral foam. Charlotte telling “I was very flexible when it came to the flowers and let Josie my florist have full autonomy over the designs. My only specific requests were that I didn’t want a traditional round posy bouquet and that the colours included being pink and white with a touch of the navy (the ribbon on the bouquets).”

The couple married at the country venue The Woods Farm, Charlotte sharing “Will and I wanted to have our celebration somewhere all our guests could stay together for the entire weekend. In the end, we stumbled across The Woods Farm on an accommodation site, as it was relatively new to the wedding scene. The venue developed quite a bit from our first visit to our wedding day because the property owners had been adding on fun new features ever since they opened.”

The bride walked down the aisle to “Chateau” by Angus & Julia Stone.

Charlotte and Will were married by Alissia Cambridge – Real Ceremonies. “I wanted it to be fun and for everyone to have a good time rather than feel like they had to be there” tells Charlotte. “We made a point of writing our own vows and we didn’t want a traditional ceremony so we did the formalities and the rest was a lot of fun. It made it more enjoyable for us and our guests.”

Despite a day filled with downpours, Charlotte and Will could not speak more highly of photographer Eliza. “Eliza was a lot of fun which suited us. She had a hard job trying to wrangle a group of giggling adults. She also had to battle the weather and getting the shots while the lighting was constantly changing. Needless to say, she did it with ease and with a smile on her face. Her focus is on candid photos rather than posed shots, which is what we wanted so we were very happy with the results. It captured our friends and family in the fun, natural way I know and love them.”

The rain was no bother for this reception, guests sheltering inside at a beautiful reception set with long wooden tables.

Charlotte and Will gifted their guests wedding favours from RSPCA.

Despite the odds, Smithy & The Chef served up a feast fit for kings. “Our caterers Smithy and The Chef did an amazing job given what they were up against” remarks the bride. “We had a temporary marquee/tent set up behind the wedding reception shed that got completely flooded so they had to move the entire kitchen set up inside and they still managed to get the food out on time. I had multiple guests tell me it was the best salmon they had ever had.”

The newlyweds ditched a head table, instead choosing to eat with their guests. Charlotte shares “I wanted everyone to be together for the whole weekend so we had events each day so that everyone would come together to eat, drink and laugh. At the reception, we had speeches broken up by entrees and mains so that it didn’t feel like a formal occasion. The groom and I sat amongst our guests because we really wanted to be a part of everything rather than on our own table separated from our nearest and dearest.”

The newlyweds chose “Tilted” by Christine and the Queens for their first dance. Charlotte explaining “I was particularly taken by the video clip and have had a fondness of the song for a while. We had practised a few times but on the day we ended up improvising. My dress became particularly wet and heavy due to the torrential rain and mud I had been walking through for our photo, so it made it quite hard to stick to the dance steps, but we both had a great time in the end.”

The bride had one last surprise in store for Will – a gelato truck!

Hamish Mason joined the couple on their day to capture it unfolding.

A big congratulations to you both Charlotte and Will! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Thank you also to Eliza Jade Photography and Biophilia Blooms for sharing today’s wedding.