As we start diving into all things sustainable, all things eco-friendly for The Green Issue, it becomes apparent how making better choices is something we need to do for each and every aspect of a wedding and today? We’re exploring the concept of making the attire of even your littlest bridal party member a little more “green” thanks to Small Smarts who created a business renting out attire for your favourite kids.

“I worked as a fashion buyer in women’s clothing for several years. I took a career break to have children and am now a mother of 3 boys” says Helen, owner of Small Smarts. “Seeing how many clothes they go through as they grow sparked an interest in sustainable fashion, particularly for children.”

With design-driven brands like Tutu Du Monde, Witchery, David Charles, Milk & Soda and J.Crew, Small Smarts to allow you to create looks that suit your own personal style, without spending a fortune and adding to fashion waste. There are shoes, gorgeous gowns, hats, shorts and everything in between at a fraction of the price, and worn again and again on their journey.

And it was with this in mind, that the team headed to The Abbotsford Convent along with photographer Shot from the Heart to capture a host of kidlets playing, having fun and bringing the idea to life. “It celebrates the spirit of children. With outfits that speak the quirky personalities of the children involved. Anything but traditional was the order of the day!” tells Helen, adding “It was also a must for us that the clothing is high quality and comfortable to wear. Kids are unlikely to cooperate if they are uncomfortable in their clothing. By hiring the clothing we were able to access luxury clothing for a fraction of its retail price.”

From gorgeous tiered gowns to rad little suits, fluffy skirts and sparkly headbands- each look speaks of the personality of its little wearer. The fun, whimsical style beautifully suited to of the moment wedding as that are relaxed, a little bit romantic and so very special.

And with so many tutus, so many ballet slippers and sparkle to wear in life, and so little time what better way to make it a little greener?