Timeless and elegant are two words that only begin to describe the summer wedding of Rebecca & Kurt and Vue de Monde. With superstar wedding planners, minor mishaps (like a bridesmaid being MIA due to giving birth the day prior) to the hot Melbourne weather, the outcome was an amelioration of special, thoughtful and beautiful moments. Rebecca shares her experience and wisdom for any bride planning a wedding!

We would thoroughly recommend couples consider a wedding planner, and particularly Will&Jac. Like a lot of couples these days, we both work really hard and didn’t want to spend our precious time off visiting 101 vendors. It also meant on the day both of us, and also my parents, could relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything would be perfect and if it wasn’t we wouldn’t know about it!! In addition, they helped us save money, by not only recommending the best vendors (not necessarily the most expensive) but also making sure contracts and prices were locked in early.