There is something special about Melbourne designer Cathleen Jia and the way she weaves her love of tradition together with her quest for modern styling. It’s a beautiful signature style that she continues to bring to life with custom-made pieces and, in her brand new collection ‘Modern Legacy’, that design sense has never been more apparent.

With a trip to Vietnam as her muse, Cathleen worked to create a collection that spoke of individuality, of personal heritage and lineage, and of carrying those beautiful elements to the next stage of life. “We want our brides to feel liberated. Our designs are for women who don’t want to compromise on their uniqueness, values or integrity to have the dress of their dreams,” explains Cathleen. She worked to design minimal, modern silhouettes for this collection – the most notable above, a simple slip-style gown – each adorned with thoughtful details to honour her own aesthetic and romantic tradition.

Cathleen headed to the golden cliffsides of Melbourne’s bay, with photographerJenna Fahey-White, hair and makeup artist Makeup by Sophie Knox and artisan bouquets by State of Nature Floral Studio to bring this beautiful collection to life.

There are buckle-clasped belt details, chic white pants, sleeves with sparkling cuffs, deep backs and peplum style overlays all designed with a bride who is certain of her own style as she walks through her day.

The Cathleen Jia ‘Modern Legacy’ collection is available to try on now at her Melbourne loft and in-store at her stockists soon.