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We are naturally drawn to watching the seasons and noticing the changes all around us. Autumn’s signpost can be found all around, in every leaf and flower. From the stunning autumn blaze/burgundy/mustard colours we will see in our trees, consider the other subtler changes… some leaves just show a tiny hint of blush through their green leaf or a muted gold as the cool starts to set in.

Tempting and inspiring as it is to follow trends, perhaps it is time to take a minute, listen to your own heart and fully embrace your wedding season and allow nature to be your guide. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to make obvious choices that reflect the well-known pictures we are all familiar with. Instead it is an opportunity to bring the colour palette and textures that you are dreaming of for the big day and ask your florist what works best with the season you have chosen for your ‘I Do’. I promise, it will be worth it and also a really beautiful and enjoyable way to enter into the design process.

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Working seasonally also means creating floral designs with the strongest available products that are at their very best. Flowers that are auditioning for this seasons starring role will call out to you ‘pick me, I’m yours’. In return, every year when you celebrate your wedding anniversary you will be rewarded with the beauty all that was around you on that special day. Many of my Brides have written to me the following year when they have noticed flowers from their bouquet growing around them in gardens and also perfumes that drift through the air taking them back to that day.

So how do you know what is in season where and when you are getting married?

Well, it just so happens that we florists seem to be obsessed with this topic and truly love to show you all the beauty you can have. Believe me, there is no time of year that does not hold its own incredible seasonal beauty stamp. We have so many exceptional flower growers and farmers in this country that are consistently delivering beautiful blooms all year round.

There is also an opportunity in this modern age to look into what flowers aren’t available locally and to dream of distant far away fields…perhaps splash out on that certain imported bloom you love, look to pairing it with a seasonal design will give you the very best your heart desires.

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So, when are you getting married and where? Who will unlock all those seasonal secrets for you and show you all the overwhelming beauty you can have for your wedding day? Look for designers that work locally in the area you are getting married in, that have years of experience of watching and working with the local seasons. Find a seasonal flower you love, that has a perfume you can make your own. Seek a designer that you can connect with and open up a floral world that will delight you, communicate your hearts desires and then listen to the line-up of beauties that want to put on a show for you and then be there, every year to remind you that you chose them.

There are so many Autumnal Australian wild and natural delights in season but a few of my favourite floral cast members are roses, sedum, hydrangea, snowberry, tulips, narcissus of all varieties, amaranthus, sweet pea, pierus, daphne, seaholly, hyacinths, nerines, longi & calla lilly,  and cyclamens, Then there are all the incredible accent foliage’s like smokebush, camellia, vibernums, gumnuts and eucalypt with the stunning ornamental fruit trees giving us those gorgeous autumn colours…..the list goes on, we need to talk – there is so much to show you!

Ms Zigzag says: Emma so generously shares her abundant knowledge on all things autumn flowers with us today. Couples getting married this season can really let their imagination run wild when it comes to floral styling and bouquets. 

About the author Emma Blake Floral: Emma has been a florist for over 25 years, working in Sydney, Melbourne and London. Her fresh, foraged approach to floristry and love of the sculptural has now found a new home in the stunning Southern Highlands. Emma creates unstructured garden arrangements for weddings and events using local farmed flowers alongside foraged botanical specimens to create beautiful, luxurious, textural work.