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So you’re getting married. Congrats! Hands up if you’ve got approximately 5000 screen shots on your phone, dozens of “saved” posts on the gram and a Pinterest board that goes for days? Don’t worry, friends. You’re not alone!

But what happens now? Or more importantly, where on earth do you start when it comes to planning your wedding bouquet?

Your self appointed bouquet advisor (hello, it’s me!) is back to fill you in on what’s in season and when, the biggest trends I’m seeing this year and all the things you need to consider when it comes to planning the perfect wedding bouquet.

Start with a colour palette

What’s the colour palette for your big day? What colours do you love? What colours do you hate? What are your bridesmaids wearing? What are you wearing? So often my lovely brides come in and tell me “I have no idea about flowers!!” and feel embarrassed that they may have saved an image of something that’s not in season.

That’s totally fine! Thinking about the colours first is so helpful for this reason – you can choose images of the colours you love and then let your florist guide you the rest of the way. They’ll know what’s in season when and the best ways to achieve your colour palette with what’s available at the time of your wedding.

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Let’s talk about feelings

Your flowers are just as much about how they look as how they feel. This is a big focus for me when designing bouquets, as I really believe a good bouquet should be a floral representation of the person carrying it. Think about the overall vibe of the day and how you want to feel when holding your blooms – is it loose, relaxed and flowing? Formal, luxe and structured? Vibrant, loud and colourful? Sweet and petite? These feelings help create a brief for your florist to design and adhere to.

What about size?

Honestly? I never think about the size of a bouquet when I’m chatting with a bride. I always think the best bouquets take cues from the flowers themselves and the size of your bouquet will just naturally sort itself out.

That is of course unless you want something really big, or really small, but usually the flowers and style of the bouquet will be the things that determine the size. Like if you want a cascading bouquet with trailing orchids or jasmine foliage, or a really structured bouquet with something like pampas grass to create an amazing asymmetrical shape. Or maybe it’s a teeny tiny bunch of forget-me-nots. Focus on the style and the size will follow.

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What’s in season when?

If you’re here for a month by month break down of what flowers are in season when, I’m sorry to disappoint you lovelies, but I’m not going to give it to you (except for you, November brides, because #peonies). You see, anticipating what Mother Nature has in store for us is the single biggest contributor to bouquet disappointment I’ve ever seen.

You can do all the planning in the world, but if Mother Nature dishes you up three 40 degree days in a row when all you want is white hydrangea in your bouquets, well, that’s when things start to get a little tricky. That’s why I spend so much time focusing on the colour palette and overall feel of your bouquet, because if you get this part right, nothing can stand in the way of you holding your dream bouquet on your wedding day.

What I recommend? Scroll back through the accounts of the florists you love and have a look at the work they’re posting around the time of your wedding. This is a great indication of what’s in season when. You might even want to jump on over to my insta @marymarystudio and check out my story highlights – I’ve divided all my work up into seasons so you can explore what’s around in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

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What makes your bouquet unique?

Do they include something that grew in your mum’s/aunty’s/nan’s garden? Do they include flowers from the first bunch your fiancé ever bought you? Do they include flowers that have a special place in your heart or particular meaning to you and your family? Or perhaps you’ve got a feather or piece of material (or even jewellery!) that you’d like to work into your bouquet somehow. Whatever it may be, your flowers should represent who you are and what you love.

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Bouquet styles that are on trend right now

Orchids, orchids, orchids!

Have you noticed? Cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, vanda orchids, dyed orchids –  you name it, I’ve seen it in a bouquet. They seem to be everywhere at the moment, and with good reason, they are AH-mazing. Orchids are a personal fave of mine, and I believe you can use them as boldly or as subtly as you like. They’ve got a really luxe feel about them and can help elevate a gorgeous bouquet into something really special.

Dried bouquets

Forever flowers are probably one of the biggest trends of 2019! Just the other week, I did a bouquet making class for a bride and her maids where we made all the bouquets to be set aside and dried for her big day. And gosh they were just stunning – and so “her”! This might be something you might like to think about for your special day, or even incorporating one or two dried blooms for a bit of added texture. Dried king proteas, scabiosa pods, or any kind of native all look fab in a wedding bouquet, especially paired with luxe textures like orchids or roses for a really unique style.

Cascading bouquets

They’re making a comeback, friends! Whether it’s a cascading phalaenopsis orchid front and centre or loose tendrils of jasmine or peppercorn, the cascading style bouquet is here to stay.

Bouquet alternatives

Perhaps the best bouquet for you isn’t even a bouquet at all! If you don’t fancy yourself a bouquet kinda bride, please don’t feel like you must have one, or else! This day is all about you, so you can do whatever you goddamn please when it comes to your wedding party blooms. Perhaps a headpiece is more your style? Or maybe a stunning wrist corsage? Or maybe flowers around your ankles suits the vibe of your day the best? You might even be happy carrying a single stem of something you love. Whatever you choose, don’t choose it for anyone else but you.

Image by Sayher Heffernan

Ms Zebra Says: I can honestly say that I relate to a bride-to-be who has ZERO clue of what is in season, only what I love the look of! Thank you Kate for this sound piece of advice to navigating the bouquet world!!

About Kate Williams of Mary Mary Studio: Kate is the heart, soul and flower loving hands behind Mary Mary, a boutique Melbourne floral studio specialising in bouquets and wedding party blooms. She’s also the newly appointed bouquet specialist at styling powerhouse Ruby & James, and the Creative Director at Melbourne’s happiest flower delivery, Little Jar of Happiness. She LOVES making bouquets (can you tell?) and is known for her signature style – luxe, textured arrangements that make a statement.