Love their blooming beauty or hate their ubiquitous-ness, roses are a classic symbol of love and romance! So we couldn’t let ‘The Bouquet Issue’ go by without a cocktail ode to a good old fashioned posy of roses. Master mixologist Grant Collins of Sydney bar Gin Lane comes to the party with this at-home version of his perfectly pink Hibiscus & Rose Petal Fizz cocktail.

Now Grant of course expertly makes many of his ingredients – including syrups and liquors in-house. But we recommend you cheat just a little and source them ready made. For the garnish, he used liquid nitrogen charged rose petal shards (so fancy) but you can just use fresh petals for ease.

Bubbles, gin and full of flowers; who could resist this scarlet beauty? Perhaps a round for everyone is in order to start your private bridal shower at Gin Lane?

Hibiscus & Rose Petal Fizz by Gin Lane


  • 40mls Rose Gin
  • 1 dash Cointreau
  • 10mls Rose syrup
  • 30mls Hibiscus syrup
  • 20mls Lemon juice
  • 10mls Citric acid saline solution
  • 10mls Aqua faba
  • Prosecco
  • Organic rose petals, to garnish
  • Hibiscus flower, to garnish


Fill a vampire glass or other fancy glass you like with ice. Add all ingredients to a shaker without ice.

Shake until frothy. Shake again with ice.

Strain into your glass and Top with Prosecco.

Images via Gin Lane