In a country of drought and flooding rains, the team behind today’s editorial embraced the struggle.

Instead of creating a styled shoot that was all about the new and different, was instead brought to life with sustainability in mind.

Stylist Cara of  St. Aisle, who dreamed up the concept wanted to honour Mother Nature and worked with the team to only use pieces the team already had and make sustainable decisions. The beautifully intricate stationery, for instance, by  Studio B Couture was made of recycled paper, while floral designer  Peridot Pretty purchased only a few fresh blooms, the rest of the floral details sourced from local parks or wholesale bins.

Even the decor was sustainably sourced, Cara scouring antique and second-hand stores for the pieces, staying true to her vow to buy nothing new for the shoot.

The weathered, beaten beauty exactly what Cara was so inspired by, as she tells “Wild and Weathered was inspired by a recent trip I did to rural Queensland where I saw first hand, the dry and severe state our farming communities are in. It inspired me to challenge myself and other vendors to create a sustainable and eco-friendly styled shoot that was mostly inspired by the old derelict cattle sheds you see when driving out to the countryside. ”

And the result? Not only honours Mother Nature without adding to the cycle of endless waste but honours the colours and tones and beauty of the dry Australian landscape.

A beautiful tree, which lost its life many moons ago, but has been saved by its owners for its beauty, set the backdrop for the shoot which took place at Flinders Peak Winery. An old arched window takes centre stage as the ceremony backdrop is adorned with dry foliage, flowers and rusted vessels.

Our bride and groom (Tahlia Winter and Trezor Kabamba, dressed in pieces from When Freddie Met Lilly with Tahlia donning added sparkle from  Little White Couture and Fairina Cheng Jewellery. The bride-to-be’s look is finished with hair and makeup by  Blush’d Brides.

Keira McCall and White Lace Films were behind the camera capturing both stills and motion as the day unfolded, a beautiful wedding cake in soft tones, by Magnolia Cake Boutique topped with gum nuts and seed pods the crowning glory.

Wild And Weathered Styled Photoshoot

from White Lace Films on Vimeo.