Brie & Gem

It should come as no surprise to you just as much we love, love around these parts, but when we get to share a love story WITH a momentous occasion, like a proposal, then we’re over the moon. So today, with the help of these gorgeous images by Lauren Anne Photography against Somersby Falls. we’re telling the story of Gem and Brie.

It seems it was always meant to be for these two, who grew up together. Brie telling their story, “Gem and I have known each other since we were 5! Our parents are best friends, we attended the same primary school and high school! I was the year above her. We became best friends when we were 15, moved in together with other friends as well when we were 19 but it took us until I was 22 and Gem was 21 for us to realise we were in love. I had known for a few years that I had feelings for her but never acted on it in fear of ruining our friendship.
So now when we people ask how long we have been together and we say “4 years” it almost feels like we are being cheated as we have literally spent a lifetime together.”

Brie tells the proposal story. “I had told Gem that Lauren had asked us to do a same-sex couple photo shoot for her portfolio and that she thought Somersby Falls would be a great location as she knows our love of waterfalls.

Meanwhile, Lauren and I had been back and forth between phone calls and emails to organise what would be our surprise proposal/engagement shoot! We even had code words for if the lighting was good and when I was about to get down on one knee.

I remember getting to the falls and saying to Gem how nervous I was! She obviously thought I was being silly as it was “just a photo shoot”.
It was only about five minutes into the shoot and I was so nervous I couldn’t wait any longer to ask her! Her reaction is priceless! She was so shocked, I am so glad we got it all on camera!
For the whole rest of the shoot, we both couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. It was like floating on a cloud.”

Of her future wife, Brie tells “Gem is the most thoughtful, generous, strong, fun and hilarious person I know. She is the most amazing Mum to our beautiful daughter Ryan, it just melts me seeing them both together. I love our adventures and honestly just absolutely everything about her.”

Somersby Falls was such a stunning natural backdrop for this story to unfold, tells Brie “We have a slight obsession with waterfalls, adventuring and the outdoors so this location seemed perfect! Lauren and I have worked together before on photo shoots for weddings as I am a hairdresser and we fell in love with her airy and bright style.”

On what she loves about Brie, Gem shares “Brie is the most amazing person I have ever met. She is beautiful, funny, adventurous, enthusiastic and strong all in one!
Brie is passionate in her work and strives to succeed in anything that gets put in her path.
She is loving, caring and supports me in whatever I do, which I love and appreciate. She is the best Mum to our beautiful baby girl Ryan. The love she gives to her is amazing and if I’m ever half the amazing Mum she is then I’ll be happy with that! For all the love that Brie gives to me & Ryan is the reason why I’m so in love with her.”

It was always a natural fit for these two. “Four years ago when telling our friends and family that we were together we were expecting there to be a lot of shock and controversy being that had both of us had not officially “come out” as such.
To our surprise, most of our friends and family weren’t surprised at all and said that they had picked it and had known for a while. We thought we were being so inconspicuous! Just proves that you can’t hide who you truly are from those closest to you.”