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You’ve bought your special one the engagement ring of their dreams? Phew, well done! The task is not quite complete just yet. In the not too distant future you’ll need to start thinking about the perfect wedding band to complement that beautiful engagement bling. Today we talk to jewellery experts JGS Jewellers about how to make your wedding band and engagement ring a match made in heaven. 

While it’s the engagement ring that seems to create the biggest buzz when a couple announce they will marry (and it brings a lot of joy to the wearer), traditionally it is the wedding band that is the more important of the two.

The wedding band not only symbolises the couples love and commitment to one another but it signifies the union of the marriage.

We find with a lot of the couples we work with, so much thought is given to choosing the perfect engagement ring so when the time comes to pick the wedding bands, it can sometimes be a daunting task. We’ll work closely with couples to help them select a design which is only going to complement the engagement ring.

In the past it was natural to try and match the wedding band to the engagement ring and it was mostly just a plain band that was shaped to snug up against the engagement ring just like two pieces in a puzzle. We’d also find couples would match the partners wedding band, using the same metals as the engagement ring.

Today, wedding bands are more personal and are designed to suit each individual, with both partners having more choices than a plain band and people being more open to incorporating details such as diamonds and mixed metals.

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We’re also seeing more people move towards picking a wedding band that is not intended to be worn with the engagement ring – after a couple gets married, the wedding band is worn on the left-hand and the engagement ring moved to the right.

Something else that we are doing a lot more of is making much wider wedding bands which really define a delicate engagement ring and looks stunning on the wearer.

If there are diamonds in the shoulders of the engagement ring, we suggest matching the wedding band to the engagement ring and keeping the diamonds the same size so they match.
For those that will always wear their wedding band and engagement ring together, we offer to join them to prevent them from twisting around and wearing up against each other.

If you’re wearing a beautiful solitaire, then keep your band simple or add a fine princess cut band, and if you have chosen a halo design with diamonds in the shoulders then a diamond band would only enhance it further so would be an ideal choice.

At the end of the day, choosing a wedding band is a very individual decision but when it comes to pairing your rings it is always important that you select a design which will enhance your ring and not overshadow its beauty.

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