Image by Dan Soderstrom Weddings via Steph and Aaron’s Chic and Intimate Melbourne Wedding

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the exciting and all-consuming moment when your significant other pops the question. While a proposal is about the two of you and your love for and commitment to each other, there is also one other important (and sparkly) component – the engagement ring.

Engagement trends come and go and the engagement ring is very much reflective of the personal taste of its owner. While everyone’s ring is unique and styled to them, there is one thing that everyone agrees is important and that is that the ring fits!

With surprise proposals, there is a risk that the ring may not fit your beloved and even if it wasn’t a surprise, over the years, the size of your fingers can change. When the ring doesn’t fit – well that’s where an experienced and trusted jeweller comes in.

Resizing is a fairly straightforward process that involves your jeweller either adding a piece of gold to make the circumference of the ring wider or removing a piece of gold to make the ring smaller.

Finger size is measured by letters and when resizing rings, it is ideal that the ring does not need to increase or decrease by more than three letters, for instance if your ring finger is an M, we can easily increase to N, O or P or decrease to L, K or J – but anything beyond that can still be altered but can be a bit trickier.

Image by Dan Soderstrom Weddings via Hamish and Alexandra’s Umbrian Destination Wedding

A trick we tell brides and grooms when they come in to purchase a ring, is if you don’t know your future fiancé’s ring size, bring in another ring that they wear, whether that’s on their ring finger or another one as this can help guide us in determining the size of the ring you’ll propose with.

If you can, a ring that needs to be resized should always be taken back to the manufacturing jeweller you purchased it from. If one of our clients returns with their custom ring and asks for a resize, we offer a complimentary resize and will normally resize it on the day it is brought in to us – for new engagements, we’ll try and do it within the hour, we know just how excited people are when receiving their engagement ring, so of course you want it to fit.

At JGS, we will resize rings that weren’t made by us, but we do encourage people to go back to the jeweller from which the ring was purchased as we wouldn’t want to do anything that might compromise the warranty agreement. General costs for resizing can range anywhere between $50 to $150, quotes will vary depending on the work that needs to be done and the carat of gold required.

Image by Dan Soderstrom Weddings via Steph and Aaron’s Chic and Intimate Melbourne Wedding 

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