Beaming of happiness and pride, Michael can’t take his eyes off Greta walking down the aisle. The couple vow their love to each other in the presence of God at St. James Church before making their way to the reception at Gunners Barracks, one of Sydney’s most historical sights with stunning cliffside views. Dating back to 1873, the walls tell the stories of ancient love stories – the perfect setting for these two to continue writing theirs. Blessed by their love and strengthened in their beliefs, Greta and Michael twirl the night away on the dance floor before returning to their routine of playing video games together, now as a married couple.

Lovereel’s videographers were there to capture the spirit and create a timeless memory of the promise these two made to each other.

Ms Zebra Says: Such a gorgeous setting and beautiful wedding to be able to capture and share! 

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