Erin & Tom

One of the things we have loved most about The Engagement Issue is that we focus on what happens after the “yes” because sometimes it feels a bit like you’re thrown overboard and expected to emerge again on your wedding day. So sharing the in-between? It’s important!

For Erin and Tom, the first step was planning an utterly fun engagement party , they found a local bar (the industrial setting of The Budgie Smuggler fit the bill), hired a fabulous photographer (Gold & Grit ) and piled up the doughnuts (thanks  Krispy Kreme!) to celebrate their brand new beginning.

And a fun bar seems the appropriate setting, seeing as these two met on a night out. Erin fills us in “We actually met at a club called ‘Next’ on King Street before it closed. I would love to tell you more about it, but the details are a bit fuzzy as we were ‘well refreshed’ at the time. ”

Erin and Tom chose Ringwood venue  The Budgie Smuggler for the party, telling “We loved the amazing venue. Everyone told us the food was great but Tom and I were so busy mingling we didn’t eat any of it! haha”

Erin and Tom hired a doughnut wall from Glamour Event Hire  and filled wt with Krispy Kreme doughnuts- an essential! Erin sharing “The doughnut wall was an essential detail, which was pretty much Toms only request. ”

Tom proposed one night at home, despite Erin’s and mood! She remembers “He actually proposed to be at home after work one night (I’m not one for PDAs). I was incredibly annoyed at him that night because he wouldn’t pick me up from work. so I get home, incredibly sweaty after a busy shift (I work in an emergency department) and the house is covered in candles, with the song ‘Dinosaurs’ – by Kiss Chasey playing and there are rose petals leading into the bedroom where a bottle of champagne is waiting for me. Then I turn around and tom is down on one knee in a suit, it’s safe to say I cried and swore simultaneously.
Tom assures me that was a hard set up because the cats kept playing with his rose petals and he would need to jump up and hide in out European laundry every time he heard the elevator in the apartment building.”

It was essential for these two to have their celebration professional captured. Erin explaining “Stina was our photographer (Gold and Grit Photography). She was amazing, we had a little catch up before the party to go through likes and dislikes and a little run down of the day. At the party she was so fun and relaxed, she got great candid shots of all our guests enjoying themselves and then stole me and Tom away for a couples shoot in which we got to play with pretty smoke and throw confetti. The photos came out amazing and there were so many! We are actually hoping to have her for our wedding!”

It was important to Ein that she and Tom’s attire matched, they found Tom’s black and white suit on Asos and Erin’s back and white dress Myer. Erin finished her look with  Windsor Smith heels and a “Love” necklace.


On what she loves about her future husband, Erin tells “I love Toms incredibly dry sense of humour and coming home to his warm cuddles after a long day at work.”

As for what Tom loves about Erin? “Her compassion for individuals, even when they are at their lowest.”