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Have you ever wondered what your engagement party might look like if you lived in another country? Or how you could incorporate international trends into your upcoming event?

This month we are looking at engagement party trends and traditions across the globe stretching from Europe, America, Asia and of course Australia.


In France an engagement party follows a different format. Traditionally the proposal would not involve a ring and instead the couple would purchase the ring together. After the rings have been purchased the couple will arrange a gathering, similar to an engagement party, with families from both sides and some close friends. Here the bride will be presented with the ring and they celebrate together.

Antipasto platters will always be a favourite for an Italian engagement party and it’s an easy trend to incorporate into your own. Pair olives with cheese, prosciutto and breads, it’s a simple crowd pleaser!

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The honey-fund is fastly replacing gifts at engagement parties and even at weddings. The idea is the couple provide their bank details on the invitation or at the event and guests would provide a gift in the form of a bank transfer allowing the couple to spend the money on whatever they would like. Alternatively, sign up for an online registry through a website like Honeyfund.

Gone are the days of pretty papered invitations for an engagement, we are all going online and your engagement party invitations can too! Paper invitations are notoriously difficult with people losing them or forgetting to RSVP. Whilst online invitations have been a thing for a long time now it seems that in 2019 their popularity will grow.


If you’re looking for a sweet tradition to incorporate into your engagement party, then look to India where it is tradition for the families to exchange sweet foods and gifts at the engagement party. At the party it is also common for the bride and groom to exchange rings.

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Like most countries around the world, family is an important part of an engagement party in Thailand. The tradition is called Thong Mun where a bride would be presented gold jewellery (which doesn’t have to be a ring) at a ceremony surrounded by friends and family. The couple are not considered to be engaged until after the engagement party has finished.


In the last year or so we have seen engagement parties shift from something quite formal to a more relaxed outdoor party with your closest friends and families. This year we expect to see more outdoor games, floral decorations and our personal favourite new trend, upside down balloons which help add some colour and a whimsical feel.

Anything with Prosecco will continue to be a hit next year with many people creating a ‘pimp your Prosecco’ stand giving people the opportunity to personalise their drinks.

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Ms Zebra Says: If we know anything, it’s that Australia is a true melting pot – so why not bring traditions from around the globe into your own celebration?! Great tips from our writer Bec Lawrence!