Chloe & Josh

I am a sucker for a romantic story and when it comes to a surprise proposal? You could be a stranger for all I care because I will grab a cup of tea and curl up and want to hear every single detail every day of the week.

So lucky for us, when photographer Dani Drury came along with this loved up couple shoot turned proposal – coming complete with beautiful images (that pastel sunset!) and a beautiful story – oh, we’re lucky ducks today!

Before we set the scene for the proposal, we need to find out how today’s lovebirds Josh and Chloe came to be. Chloe dishes the dirt. “I coached Josh’s little sister in cheerleading in a little town called Yeppoon. Josh moved up from Sydney to be with his family and I met him at a cheerleading competition in Mackay.”

On his favourite things about Chloe, Josh shares “The best way I can describe Chloe is that she is beautiful. Not only do I find her attractive but she has a heart of gold. Chloe is 100% selfless and dedicates so much time and energy to supporting children, both in her career as a childcare teacher and hobby as a cheerleading coach, to achieve whatever their goals may be. It is her passion for life and drive for what she does that I find so admirable. I am sure she will be an amazing wife and even better mother to our children in the future.”

It was by the sea that Josh finally dropped to one knee, Chloe reminiscing “Josh had organised a photo shoot with our fur babies with the amazing Dani Drury. During the photo shoot, Josh completely surprised me and told me he had to ask me something. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and so shocked I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t even look at the ring until it was on my finger as I just couldn’t believe what had just happened.”

“Dani Drury is absolutely amazing at what she does” raves Chloe. “Not only does she take incredible photos but she also makes you feel so comfortable while taking the photos. We had so much fun on this shoot with Dani and so glad she was able to capture our special moment.”

On what she loves about her husband to be, Chloe tells “Josh is always supportive and caring towards me in everything I want to do. He is always passionate about his career and hobbies. I adore and love Josh physically and mentally.”