Susan & Dale

I love a wedding with colour! Something about the pops of coral orange, watermelon pink and vibrant yellow make a wedding day look even happier than it already, obviously is. For Susan and Dale, the vibrant tones started with fun stationery they designed and created themselves, complementing their theme, described as “our version of simple, elegant and fun”.

With Motta Weddings behind the camera, the newlyweds wanted their day to feel relaxed, to feel vibrant, full of fun, love and of course, their own personal style. I don’t know about you, but these two? I think they nailed it.

The love for these two was always as clear though, at least not from Susan’s perspective. She explains “We met through friends. For Dale, he was interested right away, however, my very first text message to him was in reply to his request to go out for coffee, I replied, ‘Sure, but just so you know, it’d only ever be as friends.’ Now we’ve almost been married a year!”

The bride wore a beautifully elegant gown made by her own mother, she tells “My dress was very lovingly and painstakingly made by my very talented and patient mother! We went to a lot of fabric shops, made a lot of trial bodices and skirts before finalising the dress about two weeks before the wedding!”

Susan and Dale chose Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah’s Witnesses Templestowe for their ceremony, the bride walking herself down the aisle.

Of their photographer, Susan raves “Alex Motta was so calm and friendly through the whole day! We worked with us to make sure we got the shots we wanted without making it feel staged. We really wanted candid shots of all our family and friends. We were so happy he did, as 10 months later Dale’s mum suddenly passed away and it was so lovely to have so many photos of her having a wonderful time seeing her son get married as well as having photos of the whole family together.”

Bright, citrus. toned filled the floral arrangements styled by Asha Blakeney. Susan explains “One of my good friends happens to be an excellent florist! I sent her photos of flowers I liked, and ones I didn’t like, and she got the vibe we were after straight away.”

Susan and Dale celebrated with their guests at a festive, sit down reception at the beautiful  Farm Vigano. “Everyone was so amazing! It would be hard to pick one favourite vendor” tells the bride.

“I’d had an inkling he was going to propose soon” reminisces Susan.  “But we went on a walk around Westerfolds Park in Templestowe. It was a very beautiful sunny day and we walking through gum trees and long grass with kangaroos hopping around. I didn’t know, but Dale had been carrying the ring around in his shoe and kept bending over to ‘fix his laces’ to check it was still there! We ended up walking off the path and found an amazing old tree with a branch that’d broken off and formed an archway. It looked so beautiful with the sun shining through it that when I saw it I just knew he was going to propose there, and he did!”

Susan and Dale created the bright and fun stationery themselves. Susan explaining “I know most people find it a chore, but I loved arranging all the seating! It was fun to picture all our family and friends together and arranging them.”

A big congratulations to you both Susan and Dale! Thank you for sharing your stories and thank you Alex and the crew at Motta Weddings for sharing today’s celebration.