First making their debut in 2015, we’re welcoming back the brand of The Love Of Grace today with an eco-conscious nod to slow fashion. Based out of Queensland’s Burleigh, has a focus on creating beautiful, luxe pieces that can be worn time and time again.

But before you think this is just another label launching, think again, because  The Love Of Grace is priding themselves in taking a different tack. This is a brand that is about slow fashion, ethical conditions for workers- right down to those that make the very fabrics they spend hours choosing, about buying less, about choosing more beautiful, well-made pieces.

Designers Sally, Tara and Penny, all from different backgrounds- from studying fashion in England to creating lingerie labels from scratch bring with them a wealth of not only knowledge but the understanding of the intricacies of fashion design. Weaving it all together with their own dreams to make a difference to not just the fashion industry, but the world we live in. And if there is something that one can easily do to make their wedding a little more friendly to Planet Earth? It’s a no brainer.

Each garment embodies this, the brand’s debut collection “Three Graces” (representing beauty, love, splendour and joy) includes beautiful silk dresses and wearable separates in classic black and white and the more playful, inspired by Australia’s earth and sky, burnt copper and clear hydrangea blues. The pieces are able to be easily mixed and matched for individual looks for your favourite ladies. French Chantilly lace, adorns selects gowns and fabricates others completely, in soft blush pinks, for something a little more romantic. The silhouettes, classic, with a touch of that classic Grace bohemian styling beautiful for not just bridesmaids, but pre-wedding celebrations, evenings under the stars and many moons yet to come.

 The Love Of Grace is available via the website.