Kimberley & Shane

The moody moments in today’s beachside engagement are packed with beauty and intensity that really made us lose our breath. There is something magical about the seaside on a cold day, and for photographer Elk and Fir Photography, the day she met Kimberley and Shane to celebrate their new promise to each other, the seaside sparkle wove its way through every moment.

The cosy loved-up moments were apt for these two, although they met originally at just age seventeen, it was another ten years before their paths would cross again and cupid’s arrow released. Photographer Carissa dreaming up the shoot to capture, as the couple drove home from an adventure to Byron Bay – where the question was popped!

On what she loves about her future husband, Kimberley shares “it’s such a hard question to answer when there are so many things, I don’t like how Shane plays fortnight 24/7 that’s an easier question, but on a serious note, No we’re crazy in love and are so caring when it comes to each other I love everything about Shane and he loves everything about me – sounds cliche but it’s true.”

It’s actually so appropriate that Kimberley and Shane celebrated their engagement by the sea, it is after all where they became engaged, The bride to be reminiscing “We were engaged in Byron, we’re both 30 and have had a crazy past, but know this is it! We complement each other so well, I have no ring yet as we are planning to elope, also I like to be different and don’t like engagement rings. This is a new beginning and life together so not doing what’s been done before makes things special as it’s our first time.”