Evgeniy and Eugenia

It’s always said that a Bali sunset is the stuff of pure magic, and so for Evgeniy and Eugenia a marriage ceremony at sunset was their idea of bliss.

Evgeniy and Eugenia, who are from Russia, decided to elope with their closest friends to their favourite place in the world. Photographed beautifully by Oleg Breslavtsev, the duo enlisted Alice of WedBali to execute their vision, a day that was full of romance with golden sunsets, champagne and beautiful blooms.

It turns out that meeting her husband, was somewhat an act of synchronicity for the bride, Eugenia telling the story  “Once, while I was studying in school, I thought – “That would be cool to marry a guy with the name Evgeniy!” But I had not so many boys with this name in my life, and when I grew up I realized that it was unlikely. When I came to work in a new position, I met a very charming young man, whose name was Evgeniy. And no, my first thought was not “I will marry him”. We started to communicate actively and became good friends. And even then, I didn’t consider him as a potential groom. His crazy stories of life brought me into shock. And it seemed that I either live boring, or Eugeniy went to the roof. Further, by the will of fate, but most likely by the will of the corporate event, we have established a relationship that later grew into our family life.” The groom to be surprised his bride with a ring in a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.


The bride chose a beautiful gown with floral detailing by Rara Avis. She tells “I didn’t want the normal standard, full skirts, trillion tulle corset. It had to be something weightless that would reflect my character, originality and of course, which perfectly fit into the atmosphere of Bali. I started looking. To be honest, I visited only one salon, where everything annoyed me, from ridiculous banal dresses to obsessive sellers. My mood slipped to the bottom of the ocean. And behold, the glory of Instagram, I came across a Rara Avis! What they are doing is incomparable! We went to the salon in Moscow, and my fiancé was with me.  I was in puppy ecstasy, there’s no other way to say it. 15 minutes and my choice was obvious. I fell in love at first sight. It was my dress, the one!”

The couple took photos before the ceremony on the beach, Eugenia telling “Oleg is a very easy going, light person. Very polite and pleasant to talk to. I do not like staged shots, and most of all worried about it. But how deeply I was wrong. We constantly laughed, chatted, and Oleg at this time was close and managed to capture the most vivid, real emotions. I can say with confidence that he is crazy about his work. It’s his life! And when we got the first photos, two days later, we jumped like two idiots for joy!”

The groom dressed in Massimo Dutti, Eugenia explaining “My fiancé is the fashionista, you know! He refers to fashion and style seriously) Better than some girls. But I would lie if we say that it is impossible to long pick up his image. With the colour scheme, we decided in advance, but to find summer things at the beginning of winter (in Moscow), it was not easy. That was the only difficulty. The image we picked up the same way, based on the atmosphere of the island, it had to be the freedom of the ocean. He chose a weightless white shirt, soft blue pants and bare feet on the sand.”

The couple married on a clifftop in Candi Dasa, the setting styled and planned by WedBali. The bride tells “We have already been to Bali, traveled a lot on the bike, almost traveled the entire island. Therefore, the location suggested by Alice, we knew about. We thought it was corny. But the ceremony on the cliff – high above, the waves below will break on the shore, around us the unique nature of the island and all this beauty at sunset… We could not miss it.”

Soft pinks, purples, and blues set the scene. “The colour scheme, as with our wedding images, everything had to be very gentle, weightless. Of course, we started with my dress. At our meeting with Alice, we paid special attention to this. She listened carefully, but did more than we expected!”

Of their ceremony, the bride tells “We loved the incredible beauty of the sunset, our closest friends nearby, unreal design, which was permeated by the ocean breeze. This is what we dreamed of.”

Tells Eugenia, of their ceremony setup “It was magical. Doubting the work of Alice would be silly, so we were not particularly worried. But what we saw was above all our wishes! The design was so gentle and weightless, the combination of colours, nature around, everything was perfect! And with the onset of sunset, everything began to play with other colours… Hundreds of small lights, candles, lanterns. It was like we were in a magical world.…”

The bridesmaids had their gowns custom made in Russia, the soft pastel hues playing into the golden sunset.

Together, the newlyweds, with their bridal party, celebrated the nuptials with champagne overlooking the sea. The bride remembering “The favourite photo, is where my already husband, opens the bottle of champagne! As Alice said – “Evgeniy, open it like in the Formula 1″.”

A big congratulations to the newlyweds! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Thank you also to  Oleg Breslavtsev and WedBali for sharing today’s beautiful celebration.