Lauren & Stacey

It was a beautiful day when Lauren and Stacey tied the knot, the pair kept the traditions they loved- walking down the aisle, a gorgeous reception, a ceremony and put their own spin on it. They met before the ceremony for a “first look”, they had Lauren’s sisters carry their baby girl down the aisle, they got roped into a first dance and they served cheese with dessert. We’re lucky because Shannon Stent Images was there to capture it all on camera and today? We’re sharing the story!

It was playing AFL that led these two together, remembers Lauren. “We met playing AFL and were friends for about 5 years before we got together. Stacey obviously was quite fond of Lauren throughout this time but Lauren just thought they were ‘mates’ (story clearly being completed by Lauren!). One night out drinking a few too many wines, we kissed and have been together ever since.”

As for that proposal? It was decadent and delicious. “Stacey took me to a 10-course degustation at Co-Op Dining in Perth. After proposing at the table, the nerves and excitement were all a bit much and Lauren was unable to eat for the majority of the evening!”

Lauren found her modern  Q’nique Bridal wedding gown at Bridal By Aubrey Rose. “It was difficult finding a dress that was simple and elegant and in Perth!” she remarks.eyI never had a ‘this is the one!’ moment but I knew that with a few adjustments it would be just right for the day. I also had a baby nine months before our wedding so it was tricky trying dresses on with a belly (and afterwards breastfeeding) and in the end I waited until after giving birth – I was lucky to find a dress off the rack so that I did not need to wait the usual length of time for order/wait periods etc.”

Stacey wore an elegant black suit with silk lapel from Bindle & Keep found in New York. Lauren telling “In 2016, we went travelling to the USA and after seeing an article about Lena Dunham’s documentary ‘Suited’ on Bindle & Keep – high clientele of theirs are queer/androgynous we knew that we had to go there. In Perth, suit options for women are extremely limited. Plus, this place was amazing at making Stacey feel comfortable in selecting options and throughout her fitting.”

The brides to be met before their ceremony for a “first look”. Lauren remembering “We did the ‘first look’ – initially, I was reluctant to do but it was the best thing we could have done! In the lead up to a wedding there is so much to do and you really don’t take a moment to ‘just be’ with each other. The first look allowed for us to have a moment with each other and also settle our nerves before getting married – plus, the shots at this time from Shannon and Jayde are beautiful. ”

“Shannon Stent Images are AMAZING! Stacey and I are such awkward humans when being photographed etc. and they made us feel so comfortable” says Lauren. “We met with Shannon early on and the support we received contributed to the enjoyment of our wedding. Throughout the wedding, we barely noticed Shannon and Jayde, and yet they got so many amazing shots when we didn’t even realise we were being photographed. They made themselves part of the crowd and I loved that. They are lovely people; warm, down to earth yet professional.”

Mable & Grace styled the bright blooms for the day. “I loved them. We didn’t have many (a bouquet and few arrangements up the front for the ceremony) but what we had was lovely” reminisces Lauren.

Lauren and Stacey chose just one venue for their wedding Silversprings Cottages telling “Silversprings Cottages allowed us to have an outdoor type wedding with the comfort of sheltered area. It also meant that we were able to be on the one property for the entire day,  guests did not have to move between ceremony and reception. The venue was just a base and  meant we were able to bring in own catering and alcohol, furniture, style how we wanted etc.”

Both brides walked down the aisle with their parents, to  ‘Wedding Song’ by Angus & Julia Stone.

“We decided to keep things simple and chose not to have bridal parties” tells Lauren. ” Instead my twin sisters (13) carried our daughter Addison down the aisle before me. Stacey’s niece, Georgie walked down the aisle before Stacey.”

Donna McClelland officiated proceedings, “We wanted our ceremony to be informal but intimate and meaning. And not too long – I think we achieved this!”

Guests gathered for a candlelit reception inside a marquee from Juice Stretch Tents styled and planned with the help of Brooke Carter. “Wedding planning was not for us! Thankfully Brooke took charge for most of it! I loved having long tables and share food, it felt like a big Christmas dinner! I just loved the styling and the cozy tent area that we ordered the day before due to the forecast for rain!” remarks Lauren.

The brides enlisted plenty of help from family and friends, including Lauren’s best friend from”Calendar Cheese Company who sent cheese from Melbourne that guests enjoyed with dessert. Tells Lauren “One of my besties were provided with a few buckets of flowers and empty vases and made the centrepieces for the tables the afternoon before the day before, while my mum made the flower girl “basket” filled with rose petals from her garden.”

The newlyweds took to the dance floor with a reluctant first dance to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Whitney Houston, remembering “We were very against a first dance, Stacey especially. We did not want to be dancing with all eyes on us! However, our wedding planner and very good friend, Brooke snuck herself up to the microphone and announced the first dance but requested that everyone jumps in almost immediately. Thank god.”

A big congratulations to you both Lauren and Stacey! We’re so thankful you shared your stories with us today. Thank you to Shannon Stent Images too for sharing today’s beautiful images!