Films add another dimension to your wedding day memories and Shae at Love Storm Films captures those memories in such a joyful way. There is nothing like remembering the words of the vows and speeches and all the nuances of the jokes and guests’ expressions. The special words and the dance moves,  the father/daughter dance that you practised so diligently but forgot the steps to on the day, the in-jokes and the bad jokes – all captured with love and attention to detail. Not only do wedding films give you another perspective, they also reflect the style of a different person behind the camera and that adds just a little something more to your memories. Those memories are not only for you but for all that follow you – and that’s precious. Here is Shae’s story.

How long since Love Storm Films came into being?

We’ve been going for 5 years now… I started Love Storm after I went through the process of planning my own wedding. In the lead up to our wedding day we referred to it as “the love storm” because we knew the day would be full of love and intense, but over quickly! That’s why you need it all captured on video 😉

Are you still as passionate about film making as when you started?

Film and Television has always been my passion… since I was a kid I’ve been making short films (like when our family video camera had tape! Showing my age now, huh?) I think it’s pretty awesome that we get to make beautiful films that our couples cherish for a life time… it really doesn’t get any better than that.

What makes you get out of bed every day, in this business?

Our couples without a doubt. We have met the loveliest people who have welcomed us into their homes and treated us like part of the bridal party. We have been force fed by generous mums, thanked in speeches and challenged to dance battles by the best man. It doesn’t get any better than that!

What does a typical wedding filming day look like for you?

Usually we film the bride and groom getting ready before the ceremony and reception. Most couples book around 8 hours of coverage which usually gets them through all the formalities at the reception, the cake cut, first dance and around an hour of dance floor action. We don’t necessarily need to stay until the very end and this is a good way for our couples to keep costs down.

How do you help your bridal couples relax in front of the camera?

For most of the day we are just filming the natural moments that happen, people always say they barely noticed we were even at the ceremony. The only time we really need to give any kind of direction is during photo/video time with the bridal party. We have a few games we play to get the bridal party interacting and having fun. Then it’s just about making the couple feel super comfortable just hanging out with us and enjoying a bit of down time before the reception kicks off.

Do you have some tips you would share with us?

The big one for me is after the ceremony take 15mins to enjoy the moment with your guests, don’t just rush off for family photos. The hugs and kisses we capture during this time are some of my favorite shots of the whole day.

What makes your films stand out – do you use special techniques or do you naturally try to create a ‘feeling’ with your films?

When I started Love Storm, I wanted to make wedding films that are just about the pure joy of the day. Our videos aren’t about being super cinematic with slider shots, epic film scores and drone shots. They are about the people, the emotions, the happiness and fun. It’s about preserving the memories and being able to bring them all flooding back as soon as you press play on a highlights film.

Has this changed over the years as you’ve gained experience?

Not at all actually! Our philosophy hasn’t wavered. We shoot most things hand held so that we are portable to capture the smiles, laughs and happy tears. 

How do you ensure that you and the photographer are able to get the best shots as they happen – and don’t fall over each other doing it?

Communication! We always talk to the photographer before the ceremony about where we’d like to stand and how we’d like to move around… it’s a two way conversation to make sure we can both get the shots we need. A lot of the time we know and have worked with the photographer before.

You say you are a ‘teeny tiny team of filmmakers’. What advantages are there in having a small team?

We’re not a big studio pumping out weddings to make up some kind of sales quota. We meet with couples and make sure we are the right fit for each other before we book in a wedding.

How many weddings do you film per year?

We often see words expressed by couples who don’t book a cinematographer that they are subsequently disappointed in their decision. What is the X factor that films bring to the day’s memories?

Photos are awesome, you definitely need those too. But video brings back memories in a way nothing else can. We record all the audio during the ceremony and speeches and give absolutely everything to our couples to keep on USB. People say the most beautiful things in speeches… it’s once in a life time stuff and we just don’t believe in keeping this from our couples or charging extra for it.

Creatively, where, and doing what, makes you feel most inspired?

My hubby and I have just had a little boy. I find going for a walk with Austin, even just around our street inspires me. Looking at him I feel so excited about the future for us as a family but also for all of our couples who will most likely be starting down a similar path in life. We’re not just creating a wedding film, we’re documenting their family’s history so they can show their kids.

What are some favourite destinations you have visited in the course of your work?

My favorite wedding destination is the Southern Highlands, one and a half hours from Sydney. As soon as you step out of the car there, you relax. It’s surrounded by rolling green hills, quaint wineries and some of the best wedding venues in the country.

How do you achieve some balance between your work and personal life?

I’m very lucky that I can edit from home. At the moment there is a lot of very late night editing going on when our baby boy is asleep! I’m also lucky to work with a handful of amazing shooters who are passionate about creating beautiful vision for our couples.

What’s the best thing about living in Australia right now?

I think one of the best things about living in Australia at the moment is we’ve finally got marriage equality! Whoo-hoo! We’re yet to film a same sex wedding, the stars just haven’t aligned for us yet, but we can not wait. Also, we are so lucky to have so many beautiful outdoor wedding venues and great weather to be able to enjoy them.

Thank you Shae for sharing your story. Laughter, tears, all the emotions of the day wrapped up in a film that you will look at time and again. To find out more about Love Storm Films visit the website.

Headshot by James Day