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With so many baking styles and flavours to choose from, it can be overwhelming choosing the perfect cake for your big day. To help you focus on what you want your cake to look and taste like, here are some topics that can help spark inspiration and tie up your wedding with a delicious frosting bow.  

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What are your interests?

Ask yourself, what type of couple are you? If you like old-time romance, you may prefer a traditional cake with handcrafted floral designs. If you’re into modern things, you may opt for sleek stylings with clean patterns and edges, or the new craze – naked, exposed sponge cakes. If you’re both the life and soul of the party, you may choose something wacky and out there. 

Image by Lovers Narrative via Shalini & Kaleb’s Modern & Elegant Melbourne Wedding

What’s your colour scheme and theme? 

If your wedding has a predominant colour scheme, you may want to complement this with your cake. There are thousands of food colourings, which is great as it means you’ll more than likely be able to find an exact colour match. The same method can be used if your event has a strong theme. Not every wedding needs to be traditional, so you can let your imagination run wild with what your cake dreams can accomplish. Novelty movie-themed cakes or just a creative couple cake topper; start thinking about matching your cake to your interests.

Image by Adele Elisabeth via Tania & Peter’s Modern Romance Wedding at Zonzo Estate

What flavours do you love?

You shouldn’t get too caught up in pleasing everyone else, but you should consider the general allergies of the wedding party. It’s your day so the cake should be to your tastes and your stylings. Even if you have a multi-tiered cake, make sure you compliment the flavours. After all, you’re the one who will be forking out for it to be created.

How many people will it need to feed?

You may have an idea if you’d like a single tiered cake or an extravagant multi-layered masterpiece. Both are great choices, but if you’re giving the cake to your guests you’ll need to weigh up the size of the cake for the amount of people attending. You may decide to choose individual cakes to hand out, or cut a separate cake tray for ease alone. As well as linking to any themes of the day, this is why it’s a good idea to choose your wedding cake last.

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Taste the cake before buying

Make sure you go to tasting sessions. Not only is tasting loads of cakes a delicious treat no couple should turn down, it’ll help you get to know the flavours you like. You’ll also get to meet the bakers who will be able to provide suggestions, manage your expectations and plan your cake. Although these sessions will help you decide on your perfect cake, it’s a good idea to go in with some ideas of what you the cake to be like.

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With these topics you’ll be able to narrow down what you want to top off your perfect wedding day.

 Ms Zebra Says: Thanks Chelsea for these wonderful tips – so many decisions to make at the one time! However, if you’re still stuck, we have more cake inspiration & answers to all your questions over on our Cake Issue here.

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