With the fresh new blooms of Spring, comes gowns that take their inspiration from the warmer, most celebratory of seasons and GWM Weddings have brought to life the beauty of the spring season with their brand new “Love Birds” collection.

With gowns in beautiful shades of blush, sparkling champagne and of course, classic white, the team have worked to weave the beauty of spring through each gown, beading, lace and appliques of flowers, birds and intricate detailing all bringing the sense of renewal to life. The silhouettes are completely of the moment, deep plunging necklines, gowns that are all about the back, tiered skirts and grand trains. But there are unique details too, unexpected cut-outs that add a sense of mystery, unique adornments, beading in new, considered places. It’s another beautiful collection from this Melbourne design team, who continually find ways to challenge themselves through every design.

The GWM Weddings is available now from their Hawthorn studio.