Clare & Wil

Ballerinas, glasshouses, neon – what else could we even add to today’s gorgeous glasshouse engagement to love it more? That clear, white light, the industrial-style materials and the green of the farmland somehow make a special kind of magic.

Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios took her camera to the beautiful glasshouse at Samford Commons to capture today’s lovebirds – Clare and Wil, and their love of only not only each other but their love of nature, a juxtaposition to their wedding setting. So on a sunny afternoon, the story was set in motion and today? We get to share it all with you!

The pair met at work – Clare a ballerina and Wil a lighting designer, first laying eyes on each at the theatre. Clare tells “Wil and I were introduced whilst working for Queensland Ballet. Wil was working as a lighting technician and I (Clare) was a Principal Artist with the company. We were immediately drawn to one another.”


“I absolutely love Wil’s wit and intelligence” remarks Clare when asked what she loves about Wil. “The fact that he is handsome and has the perfect ‘prince’ jawline is a bonus. He is a talented composer and sound designer but would be the last to tell you of his accomplishments. He is equal parts brilliant and goofy, and even though we don’t have kids, his ‘dad-dancing’ is on point! He can make me giggle in an instant and makes my world shine on a daily basis (particularly when he does the late night dessert run on my request, with no complaint!) I’m a better woman with him in my life, including my beautiful extended family of in-laws.”


Wil popped the question on the couple’s five year anniversary, Clare remembering “On our five year anniversary Wil planned a special evening. We had dinner at Deer Duck Bistro, followed by a visit to the Planetarium (I love all things space and stars and had never been, so this was a highlight for me). Afterwards, Wil took me to the lookout at Mount Cootha where he proposed overlooking the Brisbane skyline. I had no idea and forgot to answer for 5 minutes as I was so shocked! He had to ask again….Of course, it was a YES!”

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows for these too, in fact, sometimes it is downright foggy! Clare shares “I think we share our own kind of special and goofy humour. One amusing/ironic story whilst planning for the wedding came when we finally decided to take our parents and photographer, Kate, to our wedding venue for a site visit and taste test. The views over the Gold Coast Hinterland are stunning and we had been building them up for months. They had waited a year and a half for the visit, and we finally went a couple of months before the wedding. On the day, it was so foggy you couldn’t see 3 metres in front of you! The spectacular views were nothing more than a fuzzy white glow. On the way home down the mountain we had to drive at about 10Kms/hr as visibility was so bad and after 10mins we got a flat tire! Luckily our folks were behind us and saved the day!
I guess the silver lining was that our parents got to experience the same excitement of the venue on the day as all our other friends and family.”

On what he loves about Clare, Will shares “Aside from the obvious (that she’s completely gorgeous), when I first met Clare I’d never encountered anyone with that much talent, dedication, drive and creative energy: I was immediately drawn to that. She’s the most impressive person I know, and she’s an inspiration to want to give as much of myself to what I love and believe in as she does. She’s graceful, she’s clumsy, she’s clever, she’s a dork, and she makes me laugh a LOT.”