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This week on Behind the Door, I’m travelling to the gorgeous Whitsundays and meeting a vendor who can create feasts for whichever occasion or event – from proposals and romantic picnics, to weddings and hens days! Peach and Pear Catering specialise in picnic hampers, gourmet platters, canapes and individual breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus they can deliver and pick up from just about anywhere in the Whitsundays.

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Peach and Pear Catering is the brainchild of Gabi, who tells me the business was born from her love of food. ” I knew I wanted to introduce a catering business, so I started preparing lunches for five of my close friends, each day for several weeks. I hand delivered these packs to each one of them” says Gabi. “Before long, word had got around and in conjunction with some social media, my business had truly taken off”. With tourists and locals welcoming the thought of having fresh food delivered to them just about anywhere in the Whitsundays, Gabi knew she was onto a winner.

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What began as a small lunch delivery service, has expanded to weddings, hen’s parties, proposals, elopements, engagements, music festivals, baby showers and boat tours . “Partnering with local resorts, wedding and event suppliers and transport/touring companies has allowed us to create unique and memorable event experiences” says Gabi.

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I ask Gabi what she loves most about the Whitsundays and she tells me, “It’s the weather, the locals, the tourists, the entire vibe. I have lived here now for 18 years and can truly call this place home. It’s where I raised my daughter, where I’ve integrated myself in community events and it’s where friends and family come for a holiday.”

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I’m particularly excited to ask Gabi about a new menu item Peach and Pear have already become known for. “Last year, we introduced grazing tables as part of our service and they have since proven to be extremely popular with customers” says Gabi. “In fact, we are the first to offer grazing tables in the Whitsundays, so we like to call ourselves the Original Whitsundays Grazer”.

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When it comes to inspiration for new menus and ingredients, Gabi tells me she never has trouble coming up with new ideas. “I could be walking past a café, or see a magazine ad and an idea is formed. I try to use my South American heritage to inspire new dishes and I love working with fresh food and only Australian products where possible”. Of course that includes sourcing the ingredients themselves and Gabi tells me she is a great believer in supporting the community and our nation. “My husband and I also own a cattle property, so supporting our local farmers is very important to me. The food we create must remain true and humble”.

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As always, I want to know what the best bit about owning such a delicious business is? ” I love the feeling of creating something that other people take pleasure in and the feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed successfully. I am now in a position to hire someone and to expand the business, so I am super excited to see where the next 6 years take us.”

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Ms Zebra Says: Possibly the best thing about an event? The food of course! It sounds like such a fantastic business experience that Gabi has created in the Whitsundays – and I love the sound of the “Original Whitsundays Grazers”!! 

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