As we are celebrating all things proposals this month, we knew we had to round up some of our favourites, so we have plenty of proposal fun coming your way, We’ve done the hard work for you and today? We encourage you to get out the tissues because we’ve got ten of our favourite tearjerker proposals that made us do a little bit of ugly crying in our offices (though I have to be honest, every single proposal does that to me).

The Letter Proposal

When a beautifully written letter turns into something so much more. This is one you need to watch in full, with tissues, a cup of tea, and a loved one to hug afterwards because it will get you where it hurts.


The Airplane Proposal

When you’re flying, literally on top of the world, you don’t expect something to go wrong. but this surprise proposal ended in the sweetest of ways.

Youtube/Anthong Bordignon

The Love Actually Proposal

That scene from Love Actually is always a favourite for any movie fan and when Allan decided to surprise his girlfriend by using it to propose, well it still holds a special place in my proposal loving heart.

Youtube/Caters Clips

The Peter Pan Proposal

I love the sweetness of this proposal when a story becomes something a little bit more in the most lovely of ways.

Youtube/Chris Bresky

The I Made It Myself Proposal

I am such a lover of handmade anything and this beautiful piece the groom to be made for his future fiancee held the most wonderful of secrets.

Youtube/Carly Stene

The “Up” Proposal

There is, of course, a  reason why the couple from “Up” are so well loved. This sweet proposal gives a beautiful nod to a beautiful match.

Youtube/Eric Dutze

The At Home Proposal

Danielle Monet thought she was having a beautiful Christmas day with her beau, but it turned into something so much more. At home, proposals are some of my absolute favourites.

Youtube/Danielle Monet

The Street Sign proposal

I am a lover of feel good, and this one ticks all the boxes. An utterly surprised bride to be, plenty of laughter and plenty of tears. I love it!

Youtube/Alissa Haslam

The Luck Proposal

I have watched this one so many time over the years and it still gets me every time. I love every moment of it and it remains a special favourite.

LUCK – Proposal to Sandra from Aria Melody DJ on Vimeo.

Youtube/Aria Melody DJ

The Mountain Proposal

This one, for me, had to be included because of the emotion. Because, no matter how grand, how much planning, how much expense, drama and detail, the moment of the proposal is solely between just two ad that is evident here.

Youtube/Monica Moore Smith