Rui Yi & Clemmy

If there is one thing The Proposal issue has made me realise (again!), it’s how much I just adore a proposal.  Love that it’s stripped back, that it’s not about theatre, it’s not about show, but it’s about one question pinned on hope and love and as corny as that sounds, I think it’s something the world needs so much more of.

Rui Yi & Clemmy have the kind of proposal I love! Relaxed, easy and a complete surprise. Clemmy hired photographer Elisabeth Stein as a “memento of our first trip to Sydney”. Of course he had a different plan in mind, but Rui Yi didn’t suspect a thing! She shares ” It was our first visit to Sydney and we had initially planned for a casual photo shoot to capture our moments in Sydney. Little did I know that he actually took this opportunity to propose during the photoshoot.”

Clemmy didn’t waste much time, popping the question fifteen minutes into the shoot! Tells the bride to be “15 minutes into the planned two-hour photo shoot, he suddenly held my hands and proposed to me, at Observatory Hill during sunrise. My mind went totally blank, I was so happy and of course, I said YES! I certainly wasn’t expecting it at all and was extremely surprised.”

Says Clemmy “Prior to our shoot, I liaised with Elisabeth and told her that I would be taking this opportunity to propose, she suggested the Observatory Hill as an ideal place to pop the question as the place will be rather quiet during sunrise and the scenery will also be a perfect accompaniment to the moment. I must say that the proposal couldn’t have gone better, it was perfect!”

“I love her quirkiness and especially her smile,” says he. “I love that he is always so calm and cool” says she.

Having met in Singapore, as colleagues, these two have had plenty of adventures together, but a funny memory has to be the endless rain they seem to face (quite literally!) Rui-Yi sharing “the funniest one that we can think of would be that every time when we visited a theme park, be it in Singapore or overseas, it will always be raining heavily! During our 6 years of relationship, we had been to several theme parks in Australia Gold Coast, Japan as well as in Singapore and we never had a day that wasn’t raining. It rained in all of our past 7 visits to theme parks! Oh well, we still managed to enjoy ourselves nonetheless despite the bad weather!

Despite our bad luck, we still love going to theme parks and will certainly look forward to a visit that will be rain-free. ”

Clemmy tells “We wanted a casual shoot, something not too formal, taken in the most natural way possible as memories to bring back home and I must say that Elisabeth really did a great job and we were very pleased with how the photos turned out! (Despite it being our first shoot and we had absolutely no idea what to expect!)”