Paton & Klyde

I am pretty sure a sunset is one of my favourite times of day for an engagement. Something about the golden light that Mother Nature puts on adds a little sense of magic to any photograph.

Zoe of Ebony Blush Photography completely agrees, taking to Cape Peron beach with lovebirds Paton and Klyde for an engagement session that honoured exactly that they wanted- something beautiful, secluded, and private that reflected their relaxed, natural style (with plenty of cuddles!).

The pair met while at a youth group camp, Paton sharing their story. “One of my best friends, Amy, invited me to her youth group’s annual camp when I was 16. I knew 2 other people going so I was super nervous that I wouldn’t make any friends or I wouldn’t fit in but immediately friendships started to develop and I was having a great time. She introduced me to Klyde and from then on, we were pretty much inseparable. We would talk every single day and quickly became best friends, there was just something so different about him… he was someone I could trust and open up to. As our friendship grew, so did our feelings and we started to fall for each other… and the rest is history!”

Paton tells of her future husband “I just love how Klyde can always make me smile or laugh, no matter what I am feeling. I love how he provides for me, he is always looking out for me and caring for me in every single way possible. He’s a great leader of our family, always honourable and loving me unconditionally. He is my role model.”

These two always have so much fun together, and it’s something Paton loves about their relationship. She shares her favourite story of their proposal with us.  “A moment that always makes me laugh is when Klyde was proposing to me. According to him, he had this huge speech prepared that he had worked on for SO long, but he ended up forgetting every word of it and said to me “ I love you. I hope you know how much I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you so much.” Which was so cute, but so funny and I always tease him for it. But I loved it.”

On what he loves about Paton, Kylde tells “I love how beautiful Paton is. She is just so caring and thoughtful and would do anything for me and as well as others. I love how I can be open to her and she will never judge me – there is so much trust in our relationship. She is so lovingly committed to me, to our future and our relationship as well as every other aspect of her life.”

These two adore their family and friends, so it makes sense that it was in front of their favourite people that Klyde proposed – even if it wasn’t the original plan. Paton explains “On July 23rd 2017, Klyde proposed to me in the presence of our surrounding friends and family. He originally planned to do it at our local botanical gardens, however, Perth was faced with a terrible storm that day and he quickly had to think of a plan B as he had already organized so much. He told me that he wanted to go out for lunch at our local Dome restaurant (which I particularly didn’t like, funnily enough) and I resisted, which made his job harder haha! He finally convinced me and once we arrived, he was acting super strange – but I was completely oblivious. When we sat down in our private booth, his best friend suddenly showed up with a bouquet of flowers and our song “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheehan started playing … and I freaked out because I thought it was our anniversary and I had forgotten! Then our friends and family walked out and surrounded us and his best friend then handed him a ring box – and I realized what was happening. Klyde got on one knee and asked me to marry him and everyone in the restaurant was clapping – it was like something out of a movie! He had hired their function room, so afterwards we went and had lunch together with all of our loved ones. It was such a happy day.”