So you’ve just said “Yes” to the love of your life and now you’re ready to start planning your wedding. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is to set the date. You may naturally start looking through your calendar at all of the Saturdays and Sundays around the time you’d like to get married, but have you ever thought of having a midweek wedding?

You might be thinking, “Who would attend a mid-week wedding?”, but the truth is, weekday weddings are becoming more and more popular. If you are planning on having a wedding during the week, here are a couple of things to consider:

Give your guests plenty of notice

One of the biggest things to consider when planning a midweek wedding, is giving your guests plenty of notice. Having your wedding on a weekday means that your guests will need to get time off work, so send out your save the dates and invitations as early as possible to ensure that guests can arrange time off work and have plenty of time to plan ahead for your wedding.

Be prepared for less RSVP’s

Some of your guests won’t be able to come because of work or other commitments. By giving your guests lots of time to prepare you can help increase your number of RSVP’s, but be ready and understanding if not everyone can come. Weekdays are busy for most people, so be prepared for some of your guests to not be able to attend.

Be flexible on the time your wedding starts

If you’re worried about guests not being able to make it to your wedding on a work day you could consider a twilight ceremony. Starting your wedding later in the afternoon will give your guests enough time to do what they need to do during the day so they can attend your wedding at night.

Show your guests some extra love

Your guests are likely to have sacrificed something to come to your wedding so remember to show them some love and let them know how grateful you are that they took the time out of their usual routine to attend your wedding.

If you’re starting to think that a mid-week wedding might be too hard, check out these benefits of a mid-week wedding. You might change your mind.

Weekday weddings can save you money

More often than not, weekday weddings are cheaper than weekend weddings. Some of your biggest expenses such as your venue hire and catering can be significantly cheaper if you book a weekday wedding. Who doesn’t want to save a bit of money!? You could use the money you save to make your guests feel extra special, splurge on your honeymoon or add some extra details to your wedding decor.

Your choice of venues just got bigger
If your dream venue doesn’t have a weekend available for another two years, it might have a weekday available. Choosing to get married on a Monday or Thursday is likely to open up more options for wedding venues. So take your pick!

Lock in your dream vendors
Some of the best vendors such as photographers, furniture hire companies and florists often book out on weekends.  Getting married on a weekday will give you more options of the vendors to use at your wedding.

Your guests get a day off work

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to have a day off? Weekday weddings give your friends and family a chance to enjoy a well-earned day off to dress up, eat food and celebrate with you.

Save money on your honeymoon

Flights and accommodation are often cheaper on weekdays. If your honeymoon was starting to look a little too expensive, a weekday wedding might help bring down the costs.

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and your guests will want to be a part of it no matter what day of the week you decide to get married. At the end of the day if you choose a day that works best for you and your partner, your closest friends and family wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Ms Zebra Says: I had never thought about the mid-week wedding, but if you have a venue in mind or a particular photographer in mind, then they may just have availability! Plus, who doesn’t love a sneaky mid-week event to take some time off work – and celebrate our Friends and Family in love! Thanks, Bronte for this great post with all the benefits of a mid-week affair.

This was a guest post by Bronte Dwyer, a stylist and wedding planner at Foreva Events based in Brisbane. To see more wedding wisdom by Foreva Events click here.