This beautiful couple, Alex & Luke share their proposal, where nothing turned out as planned but it definitely ended up being the most romantic and amazing night – even despite all of the chaos and the planning going out the window! Their gorgeous wedding was featured on Polka Dot Bride – which you can see here: Alex & Luke’s Autumnal Melross and Willows Estate Wedding.

Alex shares the night Luke proposed…

He’d planned to pick me up from work and take me on a romantic picnic by the harbour (where we shared our first kiss) to propose before surprising me with tickets to Aladdin the Musical. It all went a little pear shaped however, when the ticketing agency made a mistake with the tickets, so he was at work 2 hours longer than planned trying to print them out. It was also pouring with rain, so the picnic couldn’t happen.

He ended up having to tell me about Aladdin over the phone so I could print out the tickets from my work, before rushing over to Central to try and get something to eat before the show. Everywhere was booked out and Luke was stressing. We resorted to eating MSG fried chicken on the street corner before rushing to our seats. I was loving every minute though and didn’t even think it was odd he wouldn’t let me take his jacket (the ring was in the pocket ).

When the show finished, he surprised me again with a night at the Raddison Blu Hotel in the city. He’d packed me a bag and had all the picnic food to eat in the room. Now I should mention, that I knew he had bought a ring, 7 months prior, so I had been waiting for a proposal but I told myself not to expect it on my birthday so I wasn’t disappointed! When we showed up at the hotel, I couldn’t help but look immediately to the bed to see if there were rose petals… which Luke had planned to put before the show, before the ticket incident happened and he couldn’t.

There weren’t any, which was fine, because i wasn’t expecting it anyway…. right?. I then went to fix myself up in the bathroom and change into a robe and I thought it would be funny if I came out and he was down on one knee… which he wasn’t, but that was fine, because i wasn’t expecting it anyway….. however, then he turned around and got on one knee.

My entire body flipped out. Even though I had sort of expected it, when it actually happened, I couldn’t compute. I ended up spider monkey jumping him and didn’t even say ‘yes’. I just jumped up and down on the spot bawling my eyes out for 20 minutes straight.
It was the happiest moment of my life.