A Guide to Engagement Rings for Men

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Nadia Neuman of Mondial by Nadia

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With the changes in men’s fashion and a focus on the dapper gentleman, men’s accessories and jewellery are making a much anticipated revival. Accessories such as Handkerchiefs, pocket squares, cufflinks and jewellery are a new and very well received way for men to express their personality and style. Men’s tastes have evolved from the love of a simple and elegant watch, the traditional accessory they feel most comfortable with, to being more confident adorning themselves with additional jewellery.

Because of their new found interest in jewellery, their wedding rings have moved from plain and classic to bold, expressive pieces, featuring stones and hand engraving. I also love working with men who have taken this a step further and wish to celebrate the personal connection that exists with their partner and their engagement ring.


Whilst men have traditionally only worn wedding rings and have not wanted engagement rings for themselves, there is a gradual shift towards men considering the purchase of their very own engagement ring, especially in same sex couples. There is the desire to celebrate their engagement to the one they love by purchasing a piece of jewellery that represents a very special and important moment in time.

I love designing men’s rings that are unique and honour the individuality of the wearer. We’ve recently made rings for men that might be set with a precious stone; with cognac diamonds, white diamonds, black sapphires, grey spinel or rough diamonds. Clients are looking for a piece with style and edge and this can be achieved through a number of different elements including, integrating various metals, textures, widths, shapes, gems and hand engravings.

Rose Gold and White Gold are popular metal choices based on the stones they are complementing, for example; Black Sapphires and Cognac Diamonds look great in Rose Gold, whilst White Diamonds are often best in White Gold. Some men are choosing white diamonds for an element of sparkle and punch, whilst others opt for black sapphire, champagne diamonds or grey spinel if they want something stylish and elegant, but perhaps more subtle.

In terms of settings, men tend to like the stone set flush within the ring, rather than standing proud as centre stones usually do in women’s engagement rings. Popular settings are tension set or channel set as they are both stylish and practical.

Hand engraving is also a really beautiful and popular option with unique personalisation available.  We have the ability to engrave anything that speaks to our customers, whether it’s a particular design, a name or a pattern, many men choose to include personal symbols or decorative motifs along the outside.

It’s such an enjoyable exploration that my clients and I take when creating jewellery together. From understanding their style, building trust and creatively reflecting their individuality to ultimately creating a meaningful piece. I love working with clients to create a one of kind design that reflects their personality as well their lifelong connection to their partner. I’m especially loving that there’s a new movement arising/making a resurgence in men’s jewellery.

Ms Zebra Says: I completely agree that it’s great to see men taking more risks and exploring their individuality/creativity when it comes to wearing a piece of jewellery that they will inevitably wear for the rest of their lives! Especially now we can celebrate same-sex couples too! Thanks Nadia for these great examples of engagement rings for men.

About The Author: With a passion for rare and exotic gemstones, bold concepts, and creating meaningful and symbolic pieces, Nadia Neuman of Mondial by Nadia has established herself as one of Australia’s most distinguished jewellery designers. Accustomed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and design, Nadia opened the Mondial by Nadia Neuman boutique in Sydney’s iconic Strand Arcade in 2009. Having grown up surrounded by beautiful pieces, exceptional craftsmanship and exotic jewels, Nadia inherited her parent’s passion for natural coloured gemstones and unique jewellery design.



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