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It happened – you got engaged! And although you’re probably revelling in your new relationship status and swooning over that sparkling ring, you might also be thinking…now what?

There are several fun things you can do right after you get engaged, like get a manicure and post a ring selfie, but there are also some practical and important things you should do after you’ve said “Yes!”

So, get out your pen and paper and jot down these 7 important things to add to your ‘to do’ list now that you’re engaged.

1. Tell Your Nearest and Dearest

Wait! Don’t post that ring selfie to Instagram just yet! After you get engaged it’s time to pick up the phone and call, not text, your relatives and any close friends to tell them the good news before it hits social media.

Unless you’re keeping the news a secret for a later date, you’ll want to let your family and close friends know you’re engaged before the rest of the world does. You wouldn’t want Mum and Dad to find out via Facebook, right? That’s like getting a breakup text, so do your parent’s a favour and get them in the loop first! It may not seem like a big deal, especially in this social media-heavy day and age, but your nearest and dearest will appreciate it.

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2. Get Your Ring Sized

If your ring is a perfect fit, great! But if there’s a little wiggle room or not enough, you’ll want to get to a jeweller as soon as possible. If your ring is a bit big, there’s a risk of losing it, as it could fall off and you definitely don’t want hundreds or thousands of dollars falling down the drain – plus handy hint, don’t wear your ring in the shower until it is perfectly fitted.

And if your sparkler is too tight, it will be difficult to take off and uncomfortable to wear. So do yourself a favour and have it resized. It should only take a few hours and the effort will be well worth it.

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3. Think About a Date

Although most engagements last around a year to a year and a half, it’s important to start thinking about the wedding date early in the planning process. You don’t have to know the exact date, but if you have an idea of when you’d like to walk down the aisle, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to secure your dream venue and vendors (they are usually booked up to a year in advance).

Plus, as soon as people know you’re engaged they’ll start asking when the big day is. Giving them an exact date or a general idea (next autumn, for example) will allow them to make a mental note to keep that calendar date clear of other commitments.

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4. Create a Wedding Website

Not versed in creating websites? No problem! There are countless user-friendly wedding website creators that allow even the most technophobe people to whip up a site full of useful information.

A wedding website can act as a hub for family and friends and can also be a great way for you to document your planning journey. You can write your love story (how you met, the engagement, etc.), post photos, add a guestbook, and post details like venue info, maps, suggested hotels, schedules, transportation, etc. See our recent post on Polka Dot Bride on how to create a wedding website here.

5. Discuss a Budget + Start a Savings Account

It’s not the most fun part of the wedding planning process, but budgeting is necessary. Before you can move forward with the rest of your plans, you’ll need to know the amount of money you’re working with. Creating a budget, whether with your fiance and/or family members, will help you decide on things like the dress, flower arrangements, venue options etc.

It’s also wise to start a wedding savings account after you get engaged. You can open up a basic savings account at any bank, then deposit a percentage from each pay cycle that can go toward anything wedding related.

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6. Get Organised

There are so many big and little ‘to dos’ in wedding planning that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So after you’ve said yes, phoned both sides of parents – and had a celebratory glass of champagne, it’s time to get organised.

Some things you can do:

  • Dedicate a folder to wedding planning.
  • Download a wedding planning app so you can plan on the go.
  • Create word docs and spreadsheets in Google Drive (you can share these with the wedding party, as well).
  • Pick up a bridal magazine or visit most wedding websites and you’ll find a wedding planning checklist/timeline.

7. Decide on a Location and Research Venues

Where do you want to get married? Whether it’s at a local event venue or somewhere more exotic, you’ll want to start researching where you’ll say ‘I do’. Go online and find venues in your area or destination venues that make your heart sing. Then call to schedule a tour so you can get up close and personal with your possible dream space.

Once you’ve secured a venue, you’ll be able to make other important wedding planning decisions, like your color palette and theme. Knowing where you’ll be getting married will also allow you to look up marriage license requirements, which is an important step if you want the official married status.

Now that you know the engagement MITs (most important tasks), you can relax for a bit and enjoy your engagement, as well as the wedding planning adventure that lies ahead. And don’t forget to post your ring selfie!

Image by Nina Claire Photography via Afternoon Engagement Shoot

Ms Zebra Says: Thanks Kim for such great tips on the immediate to-do’s when you get engaged! It’s such a happy and overwhelming time, it is always helpful to have a list to get you back on track & out of the engagement daze!!

About Kim: Kim is the founder of Tre Bella, an Arizona wedding venue that delivers platinum-style weddings affordably. With a true love for design and a stress-free coordination process, Kim keeps gorgeous urban weddings within reach for busy couples.