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Olivia Martin-McGuire

If you’ve ever travelled to the world’s most famous locations and seen Chinese bridal couples posing for over-the-top photo shoots, there’s no need to congratulate them yet for their Big Day. Why? Because often the actual wedding could still be another six months away!

What you’re witnessing is the cornerstone of China’s massive $80 billion wedding industry: the pre-wedding photo shoot. This trend is so huge, couples try to outdo each other with exotic locations and price tags to match. While many couples are happy to pay a few thousand dollars for a set of wedding images, China’s jet set have been known to pay up to $500,000 for a series of international, on-location shoots (think an Antarctic backdrop for that kind of price)!

It might seem strange at first, but a pre-wedding photo shoot is the very essence of the Australian romantic dream – to have the happiest day of your life captured without the added stress! While I’m not advocating spending several years’ average income on your wedding photo’s, there are benefits Australian couples glean from this hot trend.

Here are seven reasons why Australian brides and grooms-to-be might consider a pre-wedding photo shoot:

1.     With a pre-wedding shoot, there is no wasting precious time on the day. Doing set-up shots and other stressful tasks on your big day just doesn’t sound fun. Taking the photos in advance means less stress for the bride and groom, so they can be more “in the moment” with family on the day.

2.     By having a pre-wedding shoot earlier, you can prepare for it your way – with a beauty regime or constant touch-ups to keep yourself looking fabulous. Your pre-wedding shoot is your chance to test out some different looks to rock at your wedding.

3.     There are options for various different outfits with a whole day shoot, so you are not limited to just one look! There are more themes, options and opportunities to be more creative and playful.

4.     You can have your 15 minutes of fame – and release your inner fantasies! Show off your pre-wedding photos before, after, or even at your wedding.

5.     If you don’t like them, you can reshoot them! This means you can be absolutely sure you can capture the exact image you want preserved and shared with the world.

6.     You can use the images in advance for invitations, in the lead-up to the big day. Post them on social media days out from the wedding to get people excited!

7.     Most couples said that once the stress of having to perform for the photographer was out of the way at the pre-wedding shoot, the wedding day itself was far less stressful. After all, the wedding is when everything is supposed to have already come together. There’s one less potential mishap waiting to happen!

For the past four years, Australian photographer and director Olivia Martin-McGuire has been based in China working as a freelancer. She has also just finished her first ever documentary called ‘China Love’. This is a film which lifts the lid on China’s multi-billion-dollar wedding photo industry. Catch the flick here.

Ms Zebra Says: I have definitely noticed extravagant shoots happening and now it all makes sense! There is definitely something to be said for doing a wedding shoot before the day – so then you can really make the most of the precious time you have with friends and family! Thanks Olivia for this great piece! 


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