The ocean has to be one of the most beautiful, yet mysterious forces of Mother Nature and today’s editorial draws from the organic, raw nature of the sea for a shoot that brings to life plenty of beautiful hair & makeup style. Led and styled by Melissa Maier Makeup with Jessica Rose Photography who explain “Sea storm was inspired by the ever-changing ocean, movements of seasons and mother nature in all her glory. It represents all the organic elements of what an ocean-loving bride loves. Rich bold textures of organic patterned lace, styled with storm grey embellishment on the bridesmaid’s dresses with the added use of ruffles that represent the bold waves and her excitement of the ocean.”

With a dream team of makeup artists (Joanna BlairMelissa Lehane, Natasha Sana, Vasia Chantzi) & Melanie Pearce with hairstylist Victoria MUA created thirteen beautiful looks that encapsulated the ethereal, raw nature of the ever-changing ocean, The concept was brought to life with delicate, soft pastel floral arrangements by  Luna Moss, complementing beaded, beautiful gowns by Amante Bridal in slate blues, dusky pinks, soft purples and bridal white. The finishing touch was carefully beaded jewels created by Leeli Design set to make a statement.