Photo by Jonathan Ong via Simone & Christian’s Wedding 

With the Winter chill hitting the air, it’s time to consider how to put the ‘wow’ factor into your Winter Wedding.

Bring your Ceremony Time Forward

As wedding planners, we always suggest an earlier ceremony time during non-daylight savings and the cooler weather months to take advantage of the light.

Having an earlier ceremony time means you can get the most out of the sunny day and then the afternoon sunlight for your post-ceremony canapes and cocktail hour. Around a 1pm or 2pm ceremony, start time is a nice ballpark, meaning you can start to move into your reception round 5pm just as the sun starts to set.

Keep your guests cosy and warm

  • Gas heaters – Consider hiring gas heaters to scatter around your outdoor break-out spaces and indoor areas to take the chill off the air.
  • Blankets and Rugs – Providing baskets to dot around your wedding with blankets means guests can sit down and chat with a cosy blanket and keep warm during the function.
  • Fire Pits – If your venue has one make sure its kept lit! Otherwise, you can request to BYO fire pit. The added comfort of a warm fireplace is always a bonus and a fun focal point for guests.

Photo by Zoe McMahon Photography via Emily & Stephen’s Wedding

Spice it up with a Wintery Beverage

Why not do something different and instead of Pimms for your post ceremony drinks, add a warm or wintery style drink to your bar menu. You could do a spiked hot chocolate with baileys or a spiced warm Sangria to really embrace and use the season to your advantage.

Spiked Jaffa Orange Hot Chocolate

Spiked Jaffa and Orange Hot Chocolate 

Work with the Winter Colour and Styling Palette

Any style can apply to Winter weddings, but it really lends itself to embrace wild Winter and Autumn colour tones. Think Burgundy, berry red, blacks, pops of gold and deep greens for your florals or napkins, plus add tonnes and tonnes of candles. This is always my tip as it really creates that moody, cosy vibe in your reception space.

Photo by White Vine Photography via Grace & Tom’s Autumnal City Wedding

Winter is often overlooked for weddings as it doesn’t have the balmy summer evening vibe – but there are so many benefits for a winter wedding! Often venues have discounted rates, suppliers and vendors have more availability and once your guests have a few vino’s and hit that dance floor, the chill is completely forgotten.

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Ms Zebra Says: these tips are so handy if you’re planning a winter wedding! Simple & easy ways to make the most of the chilly weather, but keep your guests and loved ones warm whilst they celebrate you!

Written by Wedding Planner and Stylist Vanessa Bragg from The Wedding and Event Creators. Vanessa founded the company off the back of her own wedding when she found it difficult to trawl the internet and find reputable suppliers and vendors and wanted to help others! She’s a self confessed Pinterest nut & doesn’t mind a cup of coffee (or a wine) depending on the time of day!