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The Hitched Collective 1The Hitched Collective 3The Hitched Collective

Put a couple of dedicated and talented photographers together and you have The Hitched Collective. Meeting in college, Amanda and Peter have formed a strong working relationship where wedding photography is their passion and visual storytelling is their style. Looking back on your day through your images telling the story, brings back all the memories of the best day captured forever to enjoy.

We asked Amanda and Peter of The Hitched Collective five questions in five minutes:

What is your reward after a big working day?

Amanda: A great big glass of wine! I love sitting back and having a wine while I look through all of the images from the day.

Peter: Depending on if it’s summer or winter, after a big day I love to kick back with a beer and relax for a while, or jump into a hot shower and wash the day off. Then it’s catching up with the family and hear about their days.

Favourite weekend getaway?

Amanda: Camping at the beach! I love getting out of the city for the weekend and if there is sand a water I’m even happier!

Peter: I have a couple of different favourite weekend getaways. Sometimes my wife and I spend a night or two in the city. It’s amazing how different it is when you’re not working. I also absolutely love getting out of town, and heading down to the south Gippsland area. My parents moved down that way back in the 80’s, so I’ve been travelling down there for ages, but I never get sick of it. It’s a magnificent part of the world.

What is your most prized possession?

Amanda:  My engagement ring and my camera!

Peter: I don’t really have a prized possession, but if I had to pick, I’d say it was an old 1997 RAV4 we bought new. We’ve spent so much time in it as a family, and it always conjures up incredible memories whenever I’m in it. It’s been handed down to my Daughter, and she’s now creating her own memories in it (as well as a few dings and dents!)

Favourite Restaurant?

Amanda: Da Noi in South Yarra. I went there on my first date with my fiancé.

Peter: My favourite restaurant could be any one of a few local suburban places. We’ve been to some amazing places over the years, but I always love the intimacy and friendliness of the small local restaurants. Probably though, it would be our local Chinese. We’ve been greeted by the same smiling manager for over 20 years, and he always spends time chatting and asking about our family, as we do with him.

What do you most enjoy about being in the wedding industry?

Amanda: The people! I love weddings, the emotion, the fun, the speeches, everyone is so happy that you can’t not have a great day.

Peter: The best thing about being in the wedding industry is the relationships we make with the clients. You get to be right in the middle of what will be probably the biggest day of their lives (other than the birth of their first baby, but they probably wouldn’t want us there for that …), and feel all of the emotion of the day. It’s hard work, and a very long day, but everyone is in a great mood and you get to feel a part of the family, if only for a few hours. Then we get to re-live it with them when they see the finished images for the first time. It’s an amazing feeling !

Visit  The Hitched Collective’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. The Hitched Collective is a member of the Polka Dot Directory.