How sweet is this flower crown made out of the plants du jour, succulents? They’re beautiful for your flower girls and bridesmaids, but would also make a nice statement piece for the bride too. Today Down the Garden Path, a quaint little floral studio in Sydney let us in on the secret to making these succulent flower crowns at home. 

Materials Needed:

  • Floral stem tape (the waxy paper tape – not the stretchy tape) (available from Spotlight or floral supplies store)
  • Thick gauge wire (I’ve used 16 gauge from Bunnings) cut to approx 65cm
  • Small succulents
  • Berries
  • Foliage
  • Small white flowers – (I’ve used delphinium buds, queen annes lace and small daisies)

Front & back view

Step 1

Cover your wire in the floral tape, wrapping it tightly so the tape covers all the wire, then make a loop in one end of the wire and cover this with tape also.

Step 2

If your succulents don’t have a long stem you need to give them one by inserting a 4 cm piece of wire in the base of the flower and cover it with your floral tape.

Start by gathering a leaf and a small amount of flowers, and attach this to the top of your wire, using the floral tape to wrap around the stems and the wire. I gently squeeze the stems and tape as I’m turning the wire, and bring the tape all the way past the end of the stems to make it secure.

Continue adding small bundles of your materials onto your wire, keeping the flowers in a straight line.

Keep adding your materials in small sections, continuing in a straight line until you are left with about 15cm of wire at the end.Thread the bare end of the wire through the loop and place it on your head, tighten the wire and loop it back on itself, so it sits nice and tight on your head

Now your succulent crown is complete and ready to wear!

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Ms Zigzag says: Thank you so much to Down the Garden Path for sharing this flower crown tutorial with us today. The end result is simply stunning and I hope many readers make these for their own wedding day. 

About Down the Garden Path: “My love affair with flowers and nature began when I was a child. I was blessed to spend my childhood days in New Zealand, in a beautiful garden, full of old roses, fluffy peonies, mottled hydrangeas and cascading stems of pieris…” Along with offering floral styling for events, Jenny hosts flower crown workshops for hens parties. For more on Down the Garden Path, click here.