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Image by Vicki Miller Photography via Hannah & Jake’s Sweet Townsville Country Wedding

5 essential elements to keeping your wedding dance-floor busy all night!

Make sure your DJ has the time to meet up with you in advance. Let them know the songs you and your partner both listen to and love, Let the DJ know all the songs you remember you have danced to.  It’s also worth making a list of favourite movies.  Soundtracks like ‘Dirty Dancing’ or ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ are a great source for song ideas, as they often include classic tracks that were hits decades earlier, and then make them hits all over again for a new generation.

If you have online playlists of your favourite songs on Spotify or Apple Music, share them with your DJ in advance. The DJ can then let you know which songs are better suited to early afternoon, and which are best suited to save for the dance-floor

If you have key guests that have strong feelings about music, ask them to pass on names of favourites in advance. Ideally drunken requests are discouraged, but it is a big positive to make all the music fans feel like they are a part of the song selections.  A wedding invitation that asks guests to ‘nominate a single song that’ll inspire them to dance’ is a great idea to make people feel part of the process.

If you are aware of songs that are likely to be referenced in your speeches, let your DJ know what are may be in advance. Songs connected to important memories are gold.

Spend some time discussing with your partner potential options for an entrance song and a first dance song. Make up a list for each to discuss with your DJ.  Practice your first dance song at home and make sure you know how it starts and when the beat and lyrics come in.  Nerves on the day are inevitable, so the more familiar the song is the better!

Here’s a 1962 hit that was included in Dirty Dancing (1987) and then became a hit again when DJ Otzi released a remix in 2001.  A perfect way to get grandparents and kids together on the dance-floor!

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Ms Zigzag says: There’s nothing better than when a DJ can read the crowd and get all of the guests dancing, mingling and having fun on the dance floor. 

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