Gathering Events’ Old Fashioned

The original cocktail. Dating back to the 1850’s, the Old Fashioned is a simple yet impressive classic. It’s a great way to dress up your favourite whiskey, bourbon or rum, using only a few ingredients and served over ice, the idea of this cocktail is to really showcase the spirit. As this cocktail has such a long history, it’s no surprise it has variations today but this classic version is one of our favourites.


  • 3 Dashes Bitters
  • 60ml Whiskey
  • 5ml Simple Syrup
  • Orange Peel – to garnish


  • Pour bitters, whiskey and simple syrup into a shaker or mixing glass
  • Top with ice and stir together
  • Use a Hawthorne Strainer to strain into serving glass
  • Top up with ice
  • Twist orange peel over the top and serve in the side.
  • Voila!

Images by Daisy & The Duke / Styling: The Perfect Party Co

About Gathering Events: Gathering Events is a boutique pop up bar service, lead by husband and wife duo (Jen & Adam), along with their crew of super talented (and charming) bartenders.