Attention grabbing cakes that are a centrepiece of the wedding reception are a source of delight and add the wow factor to the day. From intricate piping to delicate handcrafted sugar flowers breathtaking in their intricacy, Bree of The Cake That Ate Paris is a master at her craft. There is something fascinating and beautiful about having to peer closely to see if the flowers are real or made from sugar, to see how those designs are hand painted on the cake or to marvel over the carefully applied layered ruffles and piping that add another dimension to the cake. When you’re as passionate about style, colour and design as Bree is, the cake becomes a work of art in her hands – essentially, creating a work of art from sugar. But it’s a lot more, because at its heart is a creation that says so much about you, your style and your hopes and dreams. Bree shares her story about the joy that creating beautiful cakes gives her.

What an interesting and unusual business name – how did you think of it?

My Father actually came up with the name for me! There is an old Australian film called ‘The Cars That Ate Paris’… and he turned it into The Cake That Ate Paris. I was a bit hesitant at first but I’m glad I went with it, it’s had a lot of positive feedbackJ

Image by Lana Bell Photography

How did you start out in the cake business?

I’m a chef by trade. I always preferred the dessert side of being a chef. I felt I could get more creative with desserts and I have a super sweet tooth so I think I was always destined for the cake world! After I finished my chef apprenticeship I worked as a pastry chef for a few years and that’s where I learnt how to make wedding cakes. I then ventured out on my own and started doing weekend market stalls where I sold cupcakes and sweets. Fast forward 10 years and I have a full time cake decorating business that I run from home…..whilst bringing up 2 small boys as well so at the moment I have my hands full!

Images by Figtree Wedding Photography

Where are you based – and what parts of the State do you cover?

I’m based in Northern NSW – I cater from Brisbane to Byron Bay.

How would you describe the style of your cakes?

My cakes are very feminine and pretty. I love making delicate sugar flowers and working with fondant. The reason I got into cake decorating was I wanted to make cakes that were different to everything else I was seeing. Flicking through wedding magazines everything looked very dated. Cakes have boomed in the last few years and there are so many incredible cake artists out there now……it’s getting hard to keep up!!

Image by Lana Bell Photography

How important is it to you, to stay with the style that showcases your creative flair?

I just try to make cakes that excite me. If I’m not excited about a particular design I’m doing I think it really shows in the finished product.

If you’re excited about something it will show in your work.

Image by Ivy Road Photography

Your cakes exhibit a beautiful attention to detail, with intricate piping and fondant flowers and other embellishments like feathers. How long does it take you to perfect these into delicate things of beauty?

I hate this question!! I get asked it all the time! Truth is, I have never really timed myself. When I’m making sugar flowers I will make them over a few days or weeks, not all at once. They are definitely time consuming. Like all cake decorating, a lot of it is a labor of love!

What is it about the precise nature of baking and decorating a wedding cake that appeals to you?

It’s artistic. I love to get creative and I love to cook and eat cake. Everything I love all rolled into one!

Left Image by Figtree Photography, Right image by Lana Bell Photography

Yet you are able to be extremely creative with the level of detail, and the way you use colour and design in your cakes. How does this keep on inspiring you to keep on being creative, to try new things or to keep developing your talents?

I have to try to find new things to inspire me all the time. If I lose inspiration I find it really hard to make beautiful cakes. Like all creative people I often get writer’s block. If I try too hard to find inspiration I just get nowhere. It’s when I least expect it that it comes to me. I find it in things like reading children’s picture books, driving through the bush/nature or flicking through high end fashion magazines.

Image by Jasmine Pettersen

How does the journey to choose a cake with you, start? How do you translate the bridal couple’s ideas into a sweet work of art?

They often send me photos of designs they like. I then draw up a few different designs for them and we go from there. We also meet for a tasting…because that, I believe, is the best part!

How can the bridal couple use the cake to draw together the design elements of the wedding?

They can use subtle details of the wedding in the cake design. Be it colours, textures or even details of the bride’s dress.

Image by Lana Bell Photography

How long does it take you to create one of your cakes – from the baking of it to the end result?

As I mentioned earlier I never really time myself……I don’t think I really want to know!! It really depends on the design of the cake. A naked cake with fresh flowers is something I can create a lot quicker than a fondont covered cake with cascading sugar flowers. Because I have small children I’m always working around nap times etc so my work is very broken up!

Are you able to cater for allergies – such as gluten free?

I do offer gluten free. I don’t advertise allergy free cakes for people with severe allergies. However I do try to cater to everyone’s needs.

Image by Lana Bell Photography

Do you see any trends emerging in 2018?

Imperfect cakes. Cakes with lots of texture and detail. For so long I have been working towards covering cakes so that they are perfectly smooth, now we are seeing cracked cakes and cakes that look like cement.

If you could bake any cake (the cake of your dreams) – what flavor would it be and what would it look like?

I love tiramisu…..a proper Italian tiramisu. If I could make a cake out of Tiramisu that would be my flavour choice. Design? I don’t think I could ever choose! I’m so very indecisive, like I was when I had to make my wedding cake, I would change my mind every day! Something adorned in the most beautiful intricate sugar flowers…… if I was to tell you the rest I could be sitting here all day!

Do you like cooking or baking in your spare time?

LOVE to cook! I don’t bake much for myself though as I do that on a day to day basis so that loses it’s charm sometimes.

Left image by Ivy Road Photography, Right image by Lana Bell Photography

What do you love about being involved in the wedding industry?

The fact that I get to be involved in something that is so very special. Events excite me. The brides are always so excited about the cake and I love that. I get to be creative and help someone design the cake of their dreams.

Thank you Bree for sharing your story. Amazing cakes with lots of detail can tie together the elements of your day – something to give your guests a treat for the eyes and tastebuds. To find out more about The Cake That Ate Paris visit the website.

Headshot by Lana Bell Photography