Neale and Maciej’s Joyful Urban Engagement Party 

In February this year, we featured Neale and Maciej’s joyful engagement celebration held on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne. Among many of the factors that we loved about this party was the glorious, rainbow cake that they cut together in the company of their friends. We spoke to Mai, owner of Cayks and creator of this masterpiece, about the inspiration behind the design.

“For Neale and Maciej, I love that the ideals behind the flag that symbolises equality for all – the colours represent the diverse nature of love and humanity. This was what I wanted to bring into the cake design but in a way that was classic and not too feminine.”

Ms Zigzag says: The cake colours and florals perfectly complement the celebration and the outdoor setting by the Yarra. 

About Cayk: Cayk was brought to life in 2017. This was the year where I felt comfortable and confident in my own authenticity. There are a million bakers out there that will provide you with beautiful and perfection. My work is not about the commonly beautiful or perfection. For more on Mai and her baking business Cayk, click the link here.