Eelyn & Johnson

Is New Zealand not such a show off when it comes to amazing lakes and backdrop mountains? I am not sure, but today’s beautiful mountainside engagement in Queenstown captured by Still Wild Love can do anything but prove my point. The most beautiful mountains touching the clouds, crystal clear lakes, and rolling green hills. If there was ever a place that was one to leave us in awe, it’s New Zealand and just one of the reasons we’re so excited to share a beautiful love story in such an amazing setting.

The couple met at Chinese class – an experience that while neither of them enjoyed, was clearly set into play by a greater force. Eelyn tells “We met 12 years ago at a Chinese tuition centre which our parents made us attend every Saturday morning so we wouldn’t forget the language. I have to admit it was a pain then but we are so thankful to our parents now for dragging us out of bed every Saturday morning and making us sit through the painful three hours class. However, we did not share or exchange any conversation then and pretty much lost contact after I stopped attending the class. Almost five years ago, he found out I was single and decided to ask me out for sushi and movie, funnily enough, we watched “This is the end”, it all started from there.”

On what she loves about her future husband, the bride tells “I love his goofiness and he loves my silliness, we enjoy and treasure each other’s presence and company. I knew from the very beginning that he is the one, obviously hoped that he feels the same way too. We have talked about getting married but he had always said he will propose when the time is right so I had no idea when or where he was going to pop the question.”

Johnson proposed in the couple’s hometown of Brisbane, Eelyn remembering “On our 4th year anniversary, he came and picked me up after work with a bunch of roses which I thought was just part of the anniversary celebration. We ended up at Southbank going up in the Wheel of Brisbane, again thinking that it was just a part of the celebration. Halfway through the ride, while I was stuffing my face with bread and cheese, he became all serious, struggled as he got down on one knee in the tight space and popped the question! I said yes without hesitation still with bread and cheese in my mouth and tears running down my face, it wasn’t a pretty sight! It didn’t end there, he then asked me to look down, our close friends and family were standing at the bottom of the wheel with balloons and a massive banner that says “will you marry me?” He obviously messed up the order due to nerves but I couldn’t care less, I was so happy and the fact that he is not a romantic person at all, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. It was a beautiful night, a night I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”