Sydney designer Mina Mancini Couture is all about effortless bridal style. The designer Angela launches her “Naive Melody” collection this season as she combines her love of simple style with beautiful beading, interesting fabrics, and plenty of textures.

With the brand taking the name of Angela’s grandmother, she travels the same path of her bloodline- tailors and seamstresses who imprinted their own love and knowledge of the fabric trade on her. Her belief, that gowns should be wearable, dance-able and most of all,  beautiful.

“Naive Melody” takes its name from, in the designer’s words “A song about love in the midst of real life, about the mendacity of love and the subtleties of a person that makes us love them all the more…” Gowns of textural lace, draped silk velvet, silk crinkle chiffons, French knotted place all playing to floaty skirts, deep cut back lines, frills and plunging necklines, each a gown with its own unique touches – even “Lyrical”, which allows for a custom lyric of your choice to weave it’s way across the gown, as in the gentle way of a beautiful tune.