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If you live in Williamsburg, it is highly likely you are following @yeswilliamsburg on Instagram for your daily dose of the latest and greatest on the area. From the hottest restaurant openings, to sharing dazzling Manhattan views from Williamsburg’s coolest rooftops, to finding and featuring the city’s cutest local cats and dogs, @yeswilliamsburg is the only guide you need to experience Williamsburg, Brooklyn like a local. Many Aussie honeymooners head to the Big Apple for their honeymoon, which often involves a day trip across the bridge or short ferry ride over to Williamsburg, so we sat down with the founder of the influential Insta account to find out exactly what’s up in Williamsburg! 

Your Favourite Place That Only a Local Knows About

Transmitter Park: You can look out to Manhattan and enjoy the skyline. There is no better scene for me than this. It’s a hidden gem to make you fall in love with NYC again.

Your Favourite Popular Place that is a Crowd Pleaser for a Reason

Lucky Dog: Who wouldn’t want to go to a bar that allowed dogs? Lucky Dog is like a place of my dreams. It’s a great bar if you want to enjoy a beer and have your dog with you. If you don’t have a dog, you are able to play with some. Plus, they have a good selection of beer available, and prices are extremely reasonable.

Your Favourite Restaurant

Sunday in Brooklyn: Chilled vibes & great food. Their cocktails and famous pancakes are to die for!

Your Favourite Bar 

Freehold: Freehold is a study/ready place by day and a bar/music venue by night. The music is always good. You can also unwind and chill in their grassy backyard.

Your Favourite Store 

The Arbor Vintage: It is one if the best vintage shops in the neighbourhood. They have a great selection of gently used and rare vintage items.  They have a $5 rack outside with some amazing finds. Definitely don’t overlook it!

Your Favourite Hotel 

Williamsburg Hotel: Really hip and well designed bar and hotel conveniently located in the middle of Williamsburg.  Their rooms are beautifully decorated, perfect in balance.  Plus, if you like lively hotels, where lobby are full of people, Williamsburg Hotel is a perfect option for you.

Your Favourite Way to Spend Time Outdoors 

Cycling over the Williamsburg Bridge- I love to enjoy a leisurely ride with a perfect city view!

All photos taken by @yeswilliamsburg. 

Ideal date night in Williamsburg

Dinner at St. Mazie: St Mazie is a great spot for a date, where you enjoy live music (usually swing,jazz and flamenco) , craft cocktails, a wide selection of wine, and food. It’s not too romantic, but just the right dose of romance and the right dose of fun.

About the author Yes Williamsburg: Yes Williamsburg is a hyperlocal blog that explores Williamsburg through the experience of its residents and visitors.  Every day you get to discover someone new with a new creativity. It features the brightest and most interesting locals like bloggers, dancers, food photographers, street artists, nutritionists, journalists, etc. I started it as a side gig 3 years ago but it seems to be taking over my life because it’s getting a great amount of attention from Brooklyn lovers.

For more from Yes Williamsburg, check out their Instagram here @yeswilliamsburg and website.


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