Cakes Made From Local and Seasonal Ingredients

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One way to be environmentally conscious when picking your wedding cake is to go with a vendor that uses local and seasonal ingredients. This is an easy and practical way to reduce or carbon footprint when it comes to your big day!

Plenty of cake makers have different cakes and flavours for different seasons to take advantage of local produce. This also ensures that your cake tastes amazing. As we know when it comes to food, fresh is always best!

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How to know what if your cake is full of seasonal produce? The best way to find out is to simply ask your cake maker if they have any seasonal recipes that take advantage of local produce.

Plenty of businesses will also custom make recipes if there are some particular seasonal ingredients that you would like in your cake. Don’t be afraid to have a play around with flavour ideas. Cake makers love the chance to be creative and experiment!


If you’re not sure what will be in season around the time of your wedding have a little online search. There are plenty of informative lists of produce that will point you in the right direction. These might even give you some inspiration for creating some customer flavour ideas to run by your cake maker!

Ms Zigzag says: Cherry Cakes is preaching to the converted here. I am also a huge champion for seasonal eating and living, and certainly agree a seasonal approach should be taken to wedding cakes. 

About the author Cherry Murphy of Cherry Cakes: Cherry Murphy is a qualified chef and pastry chef. Having moved to the city to study patisserie, Melbourne has become her professional base. Cherry has worked in a number of commercial kitchens with roles including Dessert Chef at the Westin Hotel, Cupcake Designer for Little Cupcakes and Head Chef at John Gorilla cafe. She is a wedding caterer and cafe supplier (and self-proclaimed good time gal!)


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